How is Odysseus a heroic figure?

Protecting his mates:

In paragraph 2, Odysseus tells his "loyal friends" to stay back while he ad his crew go out to try and find out who the men are. Also, when the cyclops was eating his men, he tricked him into drinking so that he could save his men.

Staying positive:

In paragraph 11, Odysseus says "So, sighing, we waited for bright day". He is trying to stay positive and have hope. In paragraph 21, it is similar. He says "Then, sighing, we waited for the light.

Being the bigger person:

In paragraph 9, whenever the Cyclops and Odysseus got into the fight Odysseus said "His words were designed to fool me, but failed. I was too wise for that and answered him with cunning words." He is not letting the Cyclops' words get to him.