Kaylee Mattson

What is the capital

The capital of Venezuela is Caracas is the major city of Venezuela?

The major city's of Venezuela are Maracaibo, Valencia, Barquisimeto, and the last one is maracay.

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Was Venezuela controlled by a contry?

Yes it was controlled by another CONTRY.

Manuano was the contry that controlled Venezuela.

Did Venezuela gain independence?

Yes it gained independence the gaind it in 1821 the Spanish controlled Venezuela

And the people had enough of it. ( the picture below is a picture of Venezuelas people fighting for there rights.)

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What the flag looks like?

The flag has three different colors red yellow and blue and it

Has 8 stars on the flag.

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Where is my contry located? What are the physical features.

My contry is located in bolivarian it is the north of South America of Venezuela

My contry that is where it is located.

The physical feature is river and mountain that is the pyisical feature of Venezuela.

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The type of govermeant and there leader.

There government is a federal republic type of govermeant.

Venezuelas leader is a man who is named Nicolas Madurais the leader of Venezuela!

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Why they should go here

They should go to Venezuela beacuse it is beautiful there and I has wonderful places to be to.