Curious Iguana Book Fair Updates!

December 1 Update

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Please Note These Changes!

Due to the weather, today's and Wednesday's visits to the Iguana are canceled and rescheduled for the times below.

Thank you, MVM families and staff, for your continued flexibility. We thank the Curious Iguana as well for their flexibility and willingness to work with us!

Tonight: MVM Chorus @ Iguana @ 5:30

Tonight, Tuesday, Dec. 1st, is a GREAT night to visit the Iguana!

MVMPCS Iconic Chorus Performance tonight at the book store--please join us!

Updated Schedule

Tuesday 12/1

5:30 MVM Choral Concert

Wednesday 12/2

4-8 Rex’s Grill

Thursday 12/3

10:00 Christine

10:30 Amy

11:00 Wendy

11:35 PreS/PreK with their parents

1:30 Carol

2:00 Kindergarten

4:30 Stories and Crafts

Friday 12/4

1:15 MS

Update Sign-Up Genius

Please check the UPDATED SIGN-UP genius for information about the new times classes will be walking to The Iguanna & evaluate if you are able to assist with the updated schedule.

To view the updated SignUpGenius form, go to: (enter Maria)

Have you seen our hallways lately?

What's for Dinner Wednesday, Dec. 2nd? Join us at Rex's!

Support another downtown business and our community on Wednesday.