The movement of ideas/things/communication around the world

Four types of Globalization

The four types of globalization are Economic, Technological, Cultural, and Environmental. I believe that the type(s) of globalization that were used in creating and spreading the NHL Slapshot Wii game around the world could be Technological, because two companies came together to create a game using various types of technology and they were able to use their minds to come together and share their ideas and put them into action, changing a bit here and there, adding things in and taking things out. Another type that could have been used is Cultural, because two different places with two totally different cultures and beliefs came together and were able to communicate and create this game; and if other places around the world, for example, India, were introduced to hockey, and they had never played nor heard of it before, they are possibly being introduced to a new culture in a way, and then they would pass that on to other places that had never been introduced before and then that would become a part of their culture as well and it would go on and on being passed around and becoming parts of people's cultures.
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About the NHL Slapshot Wii game

This game was created by Nintendo and EA Sports and released on September 7th, 2010. Nintendo started in late 1889, and is based in Kyoto, Japan and originally called Nintendo Koppai. EA sports is the most widely recognized sports brand and their games are developed primarily in Vancouver, Canada. Somehow, Nintendo and EA Sports came together and met in the middle (California, USA) to create this super fun stimulating hockey game and share how they should think it should be created and how people should be able to play. The game has various levels of play, and a wide range of teams to choose from. The player(s) would be able to choose which level they want to play, from Peewees all the way up to Pro levels. They can play up to 4 players at the same time as well. There are 30 NHL teams, 30 AHL teams, and 60 CHL teams, and sure enough, the game has the top 10 national teams of the 2011 IHF World Ranking (Russia, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Czech Republic, United States, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, and Slovakia). Kids are able to choose from players such as Alexander Ovechkin, Roberto Luongo, and Sidney Crosby! there are many modes to this game that include Peewee to Pros, Stanley Cup Final, Season, and a small range of mini games. This Wii game is the first game in the NHL series since NHL 2005 to receive and E rating, mainly because the game (sadly) does not include fighting.

Problems that could occur Economically:

As people continue to produce the game, their work place conditions may not be the best, this could cause the workers to lose motivation, go on strike, or to quit their jobs. This would result in decreased production of the game, causing inventory issues and the companies would generate less revenue.

Problems that could occur Technologically:

People don't really talk face to face, or communicate as well, or the technology isn't working as well as it is supposed to be

Problems that could occur Culturally:

Some people could think that it wouldn't be good for them, or it could change the way people feel about certain things or certain people, and it could change the way some people believe in things or believe how things should be done.

Problems that could occur Environmentally:

Some problems that could occur Environmentally is that there could be too much gas put into cars and it could put harmful gases into the air, or the factories where the game is made could be putting waste everywhere.

Solution to Environmental Problem

The vehicles used for transportation could use less fuel or more environmentally friendly ways of transportation, while the factories could use eco-friendly means of recycling their raw materials.

Transfer of Globalization To My Life!

In a way, globalization affects me because of what I believe in, or what groups I am with and things that we agree on. Also, the many groups that I could be with all have many means of communicating and spreading our ideas, whether it be through social media, face to face talking, or just classic paper and pencil, we manage to get words and ideas around.