Mental Health

The 10 Governors: #MyBrainMyStory

The Issue

A lot of people have Mental Health problems; some people don't even know and other people don't even ask. We are trying to help. Our goal statement is bringing awareness to teenage mental health issues, by creating an in school program to be attended by students and staff once a month. Our goal is to connect the local mental health community leaders with our school community to raise awareness. In the last 12 months, mental health illnesses increased 52% in adolescents from 2009-2017. There was even a girl who had mental illness for 10 years and no one asked her if she was fine so she felt she couldn't speak up. Unfortunately, 64% of schools from 2015-2016 did not have mental health services. We are here to make a difference and help those who are not comfortable for asking help.

Big picture

Our Program

MHA-Mental Health Awareness

The program will be held be once a month during the students elective period. We will have guest speakers such as a mental health therapist or a representative from My Health My Resource to come in and speak on the importance of awareness. They will teach everyone warning signs when someone may need help but won't ask. They will also teach everyone how to ask for help and how to help. We will also send parents newsletters, reminders and give them access to prevention lines and help lines.

Briley, Nathan, Jaxon, Rondy, Wyatt, Eva, Eden, Santiago, Valentina, Karen, Caitlyn

We are the 10 governors and we chose mental health because we thought it was a big problem and we wanted to make a change. We loved learning about mental health awareness because it's interesting and there needs to be more awareness and we are going to do that.

What we learned

Valentina: "That people aren't alone and its ok if you're suffering."

Wyatt: "I learned about being a good citizen."

Eva: "I learned that its a big problem (mental health)."

Karen: "I learned that you should help other people."

Jaxon: "I learned that if you have too much or not enough sleep it could be a sign of depression."

Eden: "I learned that mental health issues can happen in everyday lives without anyone knowing."

Rondy: "I learned that its really effective and can even lead to death."

Santiago: "I learned that mental health hasn't decreased."

Briley: "I learned that most teenagers have mental health issues."

Nathan: "I learned how to help other people."

Mental Health (group 2)