Third Grade Math Thrills

with Mrs. Krajewski September 14, 2016

Dear Third Grade Families,

This newsletter is just going to my math families! Just to clarify I have 5 students who join my math class and 5 that go to Mr. Frei. If your child has Mr. Frei for homeroom and me for math please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions about math! My email is

What does math look like?

Each day we start with a whiteboard warm up activity. Then we do a group lesson, followed by guided practice. We will be starting a center rotation during the last 20 minutes of class. The rotation includes Dream Box, games with a partner, independent skill based center activities, and small group instruction with me. Children rotate through all four stations throughout the week.

Home Work

Monday through Thursday night you can expect a Home Link. This is a practice opportunity to reinforce the skills we are working on in class. Before a test we will have a review and when that comes home your child needs to go over the problems, complete all that ere not completed in class., and go over any mistakes. The review is very similar to the test.

I am using this program as a practice tool for math facts. Math facts are essential as a foundation for building math skills. Please encourage your child to complete it at last four times per week. The week starts Monday and ends Sunday. Progress stickers come home on Monday in the notebook.

Mrs. Jayne Krajewski

Third Grade Teacher