colouring flowers with in 24 hours

By Lucy


What I Thought

I thought that the flowers would be that colour but very light and just be the plain colour with no pattern.

What Actually Happened

The colours on the flowers were bright and were patterned.


At 5:30 Tuesday I put 3 flowers in each cup and half filled them with water then I put about 10 drops of colour in each and it turned out that the red was the brightest and the green, blue and yellow were a bit lighter.

What I Got Out Of This

I thought this was really fun and purposeful because it shows you that flowers drink a lot of water through out 24 hours and that the flowers absorb whatever is in the water. I also think that it is very easy and all you have to do is leave flowers in coloured water for 24 hours and you could make different and unusual colours too (such as blue and green).

A Flower Poem By Kenn Nesbitt

This is a little flower poem that I sometimes agree with.

When flowers wake each morning
they don't have to make their beds.
And lettuce leaves aren't told to comb
the hair upon their heads.

You'd never tell asparagus
it shouldn't play with spears.
You'd never ask a stalk of corn
to wash behind its ears.

A mushroom doesn't have to
clean its room, and you'll agree
a tree won't have to study hard
to learn geometry.

I guess it should be obvious
from listening to my rant.
I'm tired of being a person;
I would rather be a plant.

--Kenn Nesbitt