Mrs. Pfeifer's News & Notes

April 4 - 8, 2016

Here are a few things about the week ahead:

  • Students should have their new prefix list in their folder (cent-, centi-, dec-, deci-) the quiz for this list will be on MONDAY, since I didn't want to send this home before the spring break. I want them to still have the same amount of time as they normally do with their list. Jacob's Ladder Poetry, A Bedtime Story, due Friday.
  • Students have a letter in their folder this evening outlining upcoming events these last coming weeks of school.
  • Students should bring in books, or printed out articles about their animals to complete their research at school.
  • NWEA testing will take place on Thursday (2:05), Friday (12:50) and Monday (9:10). Please, if possible, refrain from early pick-ups (or late arrival on Monday) on those dates.
  • This week we begin One Book, One School. We will celebrate National Poetry Month this year by reading the poetry book, Pocket Poems by Bobbi Katz and Marilyn Haffner. To kick off the event, we will have a performance from Poetry Alive!. Poetry Alive! does performances for schools by performing poetry. We will view this on Tuesday, April 5 from 2:30-3:15.
  • Wednesday, April 6, Drop Everything and Read and Write Poetry Day. At 9:30, the school will drop everything and read poetry, and at 2:30, the school will drop everything and write poetry.
  • Please let me know if your child would be interested in entering a poetry contest, and I would be happy to assist them with entering (this contest is through Scholastic).

This week at a glance:

Mon. Media

Tues. Music, Poetry Alive! performance

Weds. PE and Library (shoes and books), Drop Everything and Read/Write Poetry


Fri. Art, NWEA

Curriculum Corners


Poetry - Figurative Language; imagery, simile, metaphor, stanza, repetition, personification

Poetry Selections

Great Depression Presentations on photo essays or diaries



Mon. Length (HL 10-1)

Tues. Volume of Rectangular Prisms (HL 10-2)

Weds. Weight (HL 10-3)

Thurs. Explore Weight and Volume (HL 10-4)

Fri. No math due to testing


Mon. Constructing Geometric Solids (SL 11-3)

Tues. Volume Exploration (SL 11-4)

Weds. Formula for the Volume of Rectangular Prisms (SL 11-5)

Thurs. Subtracting of Positive and Negative Numbers (SL 11-6)

Fri. No math due to testing


Sentence Diagramming

Mountain Language

Informational Writing (animals)

Social Studies:


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From the desk of Mrs. Pfeifer....

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a lovely spring break- whether traveling, or enjoying a staycation, or staying home and getting acclimated with a new puppy :). I had the pleasure of enjoying the sun just south of Tampa. My highlight from the trip was getting an upclose show from some dolphins that were showing off in the channel where we were staying. It was so much fun to see them in nature like that! I enjoyed 3 books, and lots of sun. I'm feeling refreshed and rejuvenated to be back here for the remaining weeks of the school year. As always, please let me know if you have any questions about anything at all.

Your partner in education,

Anne Pfeifer

3rd Grade Teacher

317-873-2376 x18124

Pleasant View Elementary School

Zionsville Community Schools