The Mark Of Athena

A fantasy novel by Rick Riordan

Get over your fears by buying some Archimedes spheres!

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Features of the Archimedes Sphere:

  • Can aid you in doing many everyday activities. (Cooking, cleaning, chores, organizing, etc.)
  • Easy to operate, has very powerful commands.
  • Futuristic Engineering.
  • Quick and easy commands for weather and time. (Just ask, "Archimedes, (Question)")
  • Handy and mobile like a phone, but a lot more powerful.

Quote from "The Mark of Athena"

"The sphere hummed with power... Magical and electrical pulses coursed via the Celestial bronze cables and surged through the entire room."

Everyone should have one of these.

This sphere is probably the best personal assistant you are going to find on the market. It can do almost anything! From tech engineers to the elderly who need help with their daily activities, this sphere can help anyone. Household chores become a simple task with an Archimedes Sphere, since it can do all of them in a flash. It is also a mobile device that can fit in pockets. The sphere can offer guidance at any time! These are only a few benefits of these Archimedes Spheres. There are countless more!

The slogan is saying, if you buy a sphere, it will help you get over your fears. The one motive of this product is to lend a helping hand to its owner in as many ways as possible, so it will help you overcome your fears since you will feel more capable.

The quote from the book is when Leo Valdez, a protagonist in "The Mark of Athena," and his two friends Hazel and Frank are trapped in an underground section of Rome, and then they stumble upon Archimedes Spheres, which help them escape by destroying the evil spirits which are trying to kill them and then digging a hole to the surface. When it says, "The sphere hummed with power," it is when Leo is first trying to activate it. There is so much power that he can feel it. Then when it fully activates, a wave of power surges through the room.