By - Alex Irizarry, Braden Creel, Bethany Tallon


Auschwitz was a Nazi concentration camp used to house imprisoned Jews and other peoples determined to be unworthy, and I potentially the most well known and deadly of all the installations held big Germany.


Cause - Auschwitz was opened with one purpose in mind - the imprisonment and extermination of the entirety of the races that kept the German people from "perfection". The camp was essentially a death camp, the prisoners would be worked until they were unable to go on anymore and then executed or left to die. Auschwitz was feared by all Jews, as a sentence there only meant their deaths.

Characteristics - Auschwitz alone attributed to over a million deaths of innocent Jews and prisoners during the Halocaust, with more than 4,000 bodies being incinerated in their 4 crematoriums daily.

Significance - Today it is a museum and a reminder of a much darker time, a time most would rather forget as life goes along.