Helping Race Relations

Chad Burkett

Slavery in America

Slavery began when the triangular trade started. There where trades between Europe, Africa, and North America. North America gave Europe cotton, Europe gave Africa guns, and Africa gave America slaves. Slaves where kidnapped then sent to America. They were sent over on slave boats and had very little room to sleep. When they got to America they were sold there families were taken apart. The slaves where inspected like animals. They were feed very little. They sleep very little. Worked in cotton fields most of the days. They were feed corn and sometimes bacon. Slaves went through a lot of work.

Slaves were treated terrible. They lived horrible lives in America. Some changed between a lot of owners. They would get there name changed a lot. They would be separated from there families. The slaves where bought like animals. The slaves worked all day. They had very little sleep. They only had one meal a day mostly corn. They had wood furniture and not a lot more. When they would do something bad they would get wiped. how many wipes depended on what you did. When they would run away they would get one of there limbs or something else cut off.

It took until 1865 for slavery to be illegal in the United States with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The USA split in half. Lincoln wanted the states that left to come back. So we started a civil war against them. It started to get the states back together not to free slavery. But when one of the Confederate states attacked one of the U.S. military base. So then we started to fight to get slaves back.

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Plan To Prove Race Relations

There are still racial tensions in America today. There are problems with the police and blacks today. There had been so many things about white police and black human beings. I think white cops don't treat blacks and whites the same. White police officers have killed a lot of black adults and kids for no reasons. Many people have had problems with all the killings. White kids make fun of blacks in schools by calling them names. Most whites think blacks are stupid. People think they live in better houses then blacks. People think the only job can get is in drugs or sports.

The legacy still continues today. its still does because people grew up in black hating families. Kids don't no because parents don't tell them that everyone is equal. Blacks our show on TV for more bad things then whites. People think of blacks doing drugs and whites don't. Kids think that all blacks are criminals and bad people. White families never found black families as being equal. Blacks never were treated equal by southerners. People that grew up in a southern home were told that you should not like blacks. Its hard to forget because it was very very bad.

How I will make changes to race relations. I would go to different states and talk about racism. I would make people think differently about racism. I would tell them how to treat people of different cultures. I would also got to schools and work places. I would try to change life's and how people are treated. I would make people think better about themselves. Try to make people start to like one another. I want to change peoples life's. I hate when people think bad about one another. I would make a movie about how bad slaver has been.

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