Leonardo's Amazing Inventions

Learn about some cool inventions!

The Parachute-

Have you ever wanted to go sky diving before? Well thank Leonardo da Vinci for making it possible! If Leonardo didn't have a a want to learn about flight he would have not cared about how to invent something that could catch air and slow a person down from "any height without suffering any injury" <-----his words!

The Machine Gun-

The Machine Gun

Have you ever thought about how the machine gun was made? Well if so I am about to tell you! Leonardo da Vinci's version of the machine gun was a little different than our normal machine gun today. Instead of many bullets coming out of one barrel, there were 3 barrels on top and 11 across(33 altogether) and while one row was being shot, another was cooling off and the last set was being reloaded. Later we improved this and made our modern machine gun.