Staff Bulletin Week 3 Term 1 2016


* 108 Kindergarten Children started with a very smooth transition on Wednesday - Congratulations and Thank You! .... Total school population for start of year - 575 students.

* Literacy Pro (3/6) and Online Readers (K/2) Professional learning - thank you Charmaine and Amanda for assisting and organising - well done! ... some Tech issues for the K/2 - great to sort out now - is underway and following up - well done !

* Amazing busy job in the office for the start of the new year.... lots of new families, enquiries, assistance, increasing numbers of students and families - Great Job Ladies!

* Thank you from Julie Smout ... Thank you again for organising for the donations of baby clothes, bandages and nappies for Africa, and the money to send them. The plastic packs they are in will be perfect to ship them in. I picked them up on the 1st February. Keith helped me load the car. I’ll send a thank you to the school with photos and some news, next week. I’m back in Australia after a few months in Africa. Ill return to there at the end of March. All is going well and Guinea is free of ebola now. Next time I am back I hope to be able to catch up with the children in scripture, HUB and any classes. The school looks amazing. I hope all is going well. I am living at Tallebudgera Valley now as I sold my house and moved in with my daughter Emma and family. Three grand baby boys now. My Mum is not well and so I am part time in West Africa now, for 6moths of the year. I hope to see you all again at Kingy in June, July, August.


Our Kindergarten .. first day snapshots .... :)

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Week 3 Term 1

Mon 08.2.16

Stage Term Newsletters due

District Cricket Trials – Boys and Girls – South Tweed

AECG Meeting – Banora Point High School

Tue 09.2.16

Chaplains Program Meeting 11.30am

Wed 10.2.16

Staff Professional Learning Workshops AM

Census day – numbers

Stage 2 Parent Information Session 1 – 3.05pm 4A room

Thur 11.2.16

Kingy Playgroup – 9am – 11am

Logo Workshop CLC – Fingal

Stage 2 Parent Information Session 2 – 6pm 4A room

Fri 12.2.16

Class Timetables due

SCHOOL Swim Carnival

Week 4 Term 1

Mon 15.02.16

Performance and Development Plans

P. & C.

Tue 16.02.16

Zone Cricket Trials

Wed 17.02.16

Staff Meeting PM – WH&S , Jobs / responsibilities

District Swimming - Tweed

Principal’s Meeting – School Director

Thur 18.02.16

Kingy Playgroup – 9am – 11am

District Basketball trials

Casuarina Cup – Ages 11/12 (no 13 yr old students) and 9/10

Fri 19.02.16

Exec. Meeting

New Exec. Induction and Professional Learning

Welcome BBQ & Disco 5.30pm – 7.30pm

CLC Meeting Kingscliff High School – 7.30am – 10.30am

Work Health and Safety

Managing Bomb Threats - recent update follows...
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Parent Information Sessions and Parent Communication

Parent information sessions that are often held at this time of the year are an important opportunity to build the partnership with families. The information sessions are one of the key 'Moments of Truth' for parents. 'Moments of Truth' are those key times when parents come into direct contact with staff in schools and form an opinion of us as people and the school in general. Parents don't see all that happens in school. They form their impressions based on these 'Moments of Truth'.

Parent information sessions can be stressful for staff. many are comfortable in front of a class full of students but feel stressed presenting to adults. This week's article provides guidance on making the most of this important opportunity.

This week's article comes from the Communication area of the Happy School program.....

Parent information sessions are often the first point of contact between parents and teachers. They present a unique opportunity for teachers to showcase their own strengths and those of the school. Maximising this opportunity can improve the quality of communication and cooperation between parents and school staff throughout the entire year by building solid working relationships with parents, enhancing the professional image of the teacher, showcasing the school as a well-organised and high quality learning environment and demonstrating the teachers commitment and enthusiasm.

Many teachers present confidently in front of their students but are nervous about presenting to adults. It's important to be clear on your intentions for the session and to think from the parents’ perspective. What are the key messages that you want to communicate to parents and what are the key impressions you want them to leave with?

Parents generally are looking for confidence and reassurance that you care and are interested in their son or daughter’s success, are organised and know what you are doing and are relatable. Whilst the content that you present is important, the way that you present it is equally as important.

Prepare for the session by identifying the key content messages that you want parents to be aware of. These will depend on the year level or subject but generally include key dates, assessment, best communication channels, units being covered, how parents can assist etc. It isn’t necessary to go into great detail, just provide a summary of essential points. Presenting a consistent message across the year level or faculty is also important. Consult with colleagues and convey a consistent message.

The key points can be presented using a PowerPoint presentation and should be summarised on a single page, takeaway sheet. The takeaway sheet will also be welcomed by parents who were not able to attend.

It is important to consider the impression you want parents to have of you. If you want parents to see you as organised, interested, calm and caring, you need to behave accordingly. Running late, looking nervous and not taking an interest in what parents have to say is a sure fire way of getting them offside from the outset. Your motto should be “Live the reputation you want to have!”

Your non-verbal messages are just as important as what you say. While confident non-verbal delivery will not make up for poor content, it will enhance your content and strengthen the impression you make. Eye contact and a smile are helpful. It is also important to take your time. A rushed presentation is less clear and sounds less professional than a well-paced one, however it is also important to finish on time.

Provide time for Q & A at the end of the session and then be available for brief discussions with individual parents. Remember they are there for their son or daughter and want assurance that you are interested in them. Investing time at the beginning of the year to set up a partnership can alleviate problems later.

Key points

If using a PowerPoint presentation avoid these common mistakes:-

· too many slides

· too many words on the slides

· allowing the screen to dominate the presentation

· reading the slides and

· over using animation

If more time is required to discuss information with individual parents, offer an appointment where you can allocate sufficient time to discuss the information.

Relax – this isn’t a lesson to teach but an opportunity to establish rapport with parents and demonstrate your professionalism.

Article from Steve Francis - Happy Schools

Our Core / Key Strategies ... Our Strategies we know that work!

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Our First Wave Playgroup

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The NRL Well Being Package that Years 3 / 6 participated in on Friday is available in the Teachers Collaboration folder (NRL Well Being 2016) if you wish to do any follow up in class.

Thanks to Milo for his continuing support of Kingy re league and engaging kids in fun physical activities.

Have a Great Week



Knowing Our Teaching Standards


· Know the students and how they learn.

· Know the content and how to teach it.

· Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning.

· Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments.

· Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning.

· Engage in professional learning.

· Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community.