Community Involvement

By Joshua Sweeney

Basic Needs

Make sure that the students have energy awareness. This means that if all the staff and all of the students know about the general energy awareness, it saves money on energy on a modest cost.

Schools should have dedicated counselors that give students privacy to talk about their life to someone who can help.

You could have firefighters or other people come in to talk to the school about different safety things.

Fundraisers (Note: High school students can volunteer for the fundraisers.)

Carnivals are a very good way to make money for schools. The parents buy tickets for kids to play at the carnival and when it's over the school takes the profit and uses it to make itself better.

Kids in Intermediate school are starting to grow, so that increases the competitiveness in sports. So a fun way to have a good cause for the school is competitive sports. We should hold a community basketball tournament. The tournament funds will go to supporting the school physical activities, and funding the food for the students during lunch.

We should hold a carnival. Every kid loves games, and interaction activities where you can move around and have fun. The carnival will fund the school field trips, and the day care services. The carnival will benefit the school in many ways. The first example is of course the kids are outdoor and moving around. Second the school can benefit a lot with this money to help the school even more.

A bake sale at the school is a cool and awesome way to earn the school some money. The funds will hold food for the students and staff. We could require the students in science class to create a creative pastry for a grade. The school will then hold an auction over the pastries.

As many girl scouts do, the kids of the high school will be allowed to participate in a challenge of who can sell the most of something that the school will supply and prizes would be given out to the most successful people.

Family involvement

Families in school communities are able to help in many ways. Parents can act as chaperons on field trips, run for school council, get involved in PTA meetings and many more.

If you ask parents to come to a meeting most of the time they will not come because they think it is just a waste of time, and have stuff better to do. However to get students guardians interacted with the school you should hold a restaurant event.

After school Programs

After school programs must have activities that offer a balance of academic, recreating, and cultural activities.

Interact with the community can gain support from other families. A partnership between the parents and the school is key in sustaining an after school program.

It can take place in the gym, cafeteria, playground, and any large space that has room to interact.

Work with the parents on price if the parents are going through a rough patch. The main goal is to keep the kids in a healthy safe environment.

Having a staff of 2-4 people is recommended to keep a smooth program. For example one person does homework with kids, another serve them snacks, and lastly going outside to go play.