Fun in First

with Mrs. Burton


(Almost) Nightly:

  • Math sheet
  • Read 20 minutes (Record pages on reading log)
  • Practice weekly spelling words

Words for 9/12:
mix, fix, six, fit, in, did, pin,wig, lip

Challenge Words: what, take, she, will

High Frequency Words: play, up, what, take, she

Weekly: Homework packet--due Fridays

Thank you for your partnership! Your child's success is important to me!

Loving our Learning


The students have been working hard on small moment writing. Next week we will try out new craft moves from a mentor text. We will use pop-out words and exact actions. We will revise and edit our writing with a checklist. I love to see how they have grown as writers!


We are working on understanding subtraction. Next week we will introduce subtraction number sentences. We will also solve story problems that take away, compare, and have missing parts. Be on the look out for nightly practice.


Next week we will work on -x endings and short /i/ words. The students will read for accuracy, understand plot, and practice summarizing. We will read a fantasy story about a pig in a wig! We will also learn some new amazing words.

Have you logged in to Raz Kids? What an amazing resource to help your child grow as a reader! Remember my username is mburton17. Your child's password is first initial, last initial, 123.


We have been learning about force, motion, and gravity this week. Next week we will follow the scientific method to complete a science experiment!

Fuzzy's Taco Night

Monday, Sep. 8th, 6pm

10157 Wornall Rd

Kansas City, MO

Early Out

Wednesday, Sep. 10th, 1:15pm

Red Bridge Elementary School, Kansas City, MO, United States

Kansas City, MO

Fall Pictures

Thursday, Sep. 11th, 9:30am

Red Bridge Elementary School, Kansas City, MO, United States

Kansas City, MO