Red Birds

January 2016

We Are On The Move!

We have finally made it to the last stretch of our Transportation exploration! This week, we set sail on the blue seas in our boats and flew the "friendly skies" in our airplanes and helicopters! Every one created their very own paper airplane and enjoyed flying them around the playground!

A Sneak Peek at Next Week

Dogs, Cats, and Birds Oh My! Get your favorite pet picks ready because it's Pets Week!

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

The New Craze In Potty Training Has Arrived!

It's the Potty Watch and it's all the rave in the Red Bird class! This genius gadget signals the child that it's time to use the restroom with flashing lights and a song! You set the timer and the Potty Watch does the rest! You can find these at Babies R Us and Amazon!

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We Love Our Families!

We would personally like to say Thank You to our families who made it possible for us to attend this year's gala! We are looking forward to an evening of fun and excitement as we support our great school!
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