The history of the 13 colonies

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Original colonies

The thirteen original colonies in the United States were Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennslyvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. All of the colonies are located on the East Coast of North America along the Atlantic Ocean, but do not extend into the Appalachian Mountains.

Why the Colonies were founded.

The middle colonies were founded for people to have religious freedom or to make money. The New England Colonies were founded for farming, fishing, textile industry. Some of the food that the New England Colonies grew was shipped to England. People in the New England Colonies grew their own food and made their own clothing. The Southern Colonies were founded for people to make money and become rich.


Diffrent people founded each colony

Founders of the Colonies

. Massachuset: 1630, John Winthrop

. New Hampshire: 1638,John Wheelwright

. Rhode Island: 1636, Roger Williams

. Connecticut: 1636,Thomas Hooker

. New York: 1626,Peter Minuit

. New Jersey: 1664, English Colonist

. Pennsylvania: 1682, William Penn

. Delaware: 1638, Peter Minuit

. Maryland: 1638,Lord Baltimore and others

. Virginia: 1607,John Smith and others

. North Carolina: 1653,Virginian Colonists

. South Carolina: 1663,English Colonists

. Georgia: 1732,James Oglethorpe


New York Have many geographic features including Lake Ortario, Lake Erie, Lake Champlain, and Lake George are the major lakes. The average elevation is 1000 ft above sea level. This area covers 48708 square miles of New York are land areas.

Maryland Deep Creek lake, Lake Oakland, Loch Raven Reservior, Prettyboy Rerservoir are the major lakes. It covers 9775 miles in land.The average elevation is 350 ft above sea level.

Delaware No major lake, the average elevation is 60 ft above sea level. It covers 1995 square miles of land.

New Jersey The major lake in New Jersy is lake Hopatcong. The average elevation is 250 ft above sea level. Covers 7419 square miles of land.

Pennsylvania The major lake in Pennsylvania is Lake Erie. 1100 feet is the average elevation above sea level. It covers 44820 square miles in land.

North Carolina Lake Mattamusket, Lake Phelps, Lake Waccamaw are the major lakes. The average elevation of NC is 700 ft above sea level. Nc covers 48708 square miles of North Carolina Land.

South Carolina Lake Greenwood, Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie. The average elevation above sea level is 350 feet. It covers 30111 sqaure miles of land.

Georgia Clark's Hill Lake, West Point Lake, Lake hartwell. The average level above sea level is 600 ft. It covers 57919 square miles of land.

Virginia Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Gathright Dam(Lake Moomaw), John H. Kerr Reservior, John W. Flannagan Reservior, Pound Lake, Philpott Lake. The average elevation above sea level is 950 ft. It covers 39598 square miles of land.Southern Colonies

New Hampshire Lake Winnepasaukee;Newfoundland lake; and Squam lake. The mean elevation of the state is 1,000 feet above sea level. 8696 is the square miles of land.

Massachusetts Quabbin Reservoir is the major lake. The mean elevation is 500 feet above sea level. 7,838 square miles of Massachusetts is land areas.

Connecticut Lake Candlewood is the major lake. 4,845 square miles of Connecticut is land areas. The mean elevation is 500 feet above sea levels

Rhode Island Scituate Reservoir is the major lake. The mean elevation on the island is 200 feet above sea level. 1045 is the square miles of land.


New England Colonies

. 1603: Roger Williams, the future founder of Rhode Island is born

. 1607: Jamestown is founded under the patent of the London Company

. 1607: Captain John Smith meets Pocahontas

. 1609: Henry Hudson explores the Delaware Bay and Hudson River

. 1610: Henry Hudson discovers the Hudson Bay

. 1611: Henry Hudson dies

. 1614: Pocahotas marries John Rolfe

. 1616: John Rolfe and Pocahontas travel to England

. 1616: A small pox epidemic decimates the New England/Native American population

. 1617: Pocahontas dies

. 1618: Sir Walter Raleigh returns to England and is executed

. 1619: The first representive colonial assembley

. 1619: The House of Burgesses was formed in Virginia

. 1620: Mayflower compact was signed

. 1625: King James1 dies and is succeeded by Charles the first.