Weekly Geekly

November 26, 2018

Congratulations to Mr. Duce!

Mr Duce was awarded one of the first iLEAD badges from the district. This is the administrator version of the 5C Badge program, and Mr. Duce earned his "Learn" Badge. Way to go, Mr. Duce!
Click Here to Take a Quick Doc Cam Survey

Quick and Painless- If you want a say in technology we choose moving forward- this kind of survey is where you get input!

Bulb Trainings

Starting tomorrow I will be holding Bulb trainings each Tuesday and Thursday in the library during A block of MegaLunch. We are limiting this to 24 students (because we have 24 seats in front of the TV) and 5 teachers each session.

You can RSVP here so I know how many to expect.

I am training students directly because some of our kiddos may want to start building "About Me" pages or collections to share with colleges during the admissions process. Here is a sample Bulb Portfolio so you can get an idea of what one looks like. If you think a portfolio would be great for your class, I would be happy to come and train your PLC or your students as well!

IPR Ends THIS Friday!

The 3rd IPR (Interim Progress Report) cuts off this Friday, November 30th.

Minimum assignment requirements:

  • At least 2 Daily
  • At least 1 Minor
  • At least 1 Major
  • NOTE: All of these assignments must be fully published .

Grades will be due loaded by 5 PM on Tue, Dec. 4.

Grades can start being loaded when directions are sent out on Thursday.

End of Semester 1

The last day of MP3 is the last day before winter break (December 21). Grades will be due on Tuesday, January 8 at 5PM.

For those who are new to us this year, once you load your MP3 grades, you have to wait for the SEM averages to calculate (they are not instantaneous).This means you should load grades as early as possible so that you will know how grades need to be adjusted. Please remember too that January 7th is a PD day, so please plan accordingly!

The eligibility date for the end of six weeks is Jan 15.

12 Days of Innovation Summit

Birdville ISD is hosting a virtual Summit called teh 12 days of Innovation and it looks like it is going to be great! They will email you a video each day. Watch and engage at YOUR pace. Then join the discussion on Twitter. Find out more about tthis cool opportunity at https://sites.google.com/g.birdvilleschools.net/12daysummit/home and be sure to sign up!