News from CCSD15

April 9, 2019

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April is School Library Month

April marks the 34th annual National School Library Month! Additionally, April 8-12 is National Library Week! Let’s show our appreciation for our school library resource center directors and clericals for their dedication and commitment to our community!

Each of our 20 schools is home to a library rich with resources and reading materials for our students to learn from and enjoy. Our library staff works hard every day to promote literacy, develop of a love of reading and provide technology support to our students. In addition to student support, LRC directors and clericals also work directly with teachers, offering robust professional development opportunities.

Thank you to our LRC directors and clericals for the important work they do in our schools!

April 8-12 is National Assistant Principals Week

April 8-12 marks National Assistant Principals Week -- a time to thank our 22 assistant principals for their dedication and leadership to District 15!

Our assistant principals work hand-in-hand with parents, students, administration and staff to make our schools exceptional places for teaching and learning. They work tirelessly to make our schools run smoothly, balancing a wide range of responsibilities. They are an integral part of the District 15 team and their school communities.

Please join us in saying thank you to all of our assistant principals for their contributions to the fulfillment of the District 15 mission to produce world-class learners in a connected learning community.