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NEWSLETTER {November and December}

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Way to GO ladies! I had set a team sales goal of $25,000 again and we hit $24,331 in Nov!

Let's Celebrate Top Party Girls and Top Sellers for November!!

We had 13 out of 32 consultants who had at least 1 party!!

2 Parties
: Christina Blaugh
3 Parties: Samantha Borba, Jill Graham, Erin Black, Kara Miller
4 Parties; D'Anna Buell

We had 15 consultants who had sales this month! Woohoo :)

$1000+: Casey Bright, Allyssa Alvarez, Erin Black, Samantha Borba
$2000+ TOTEally Top Sellers:
Kara Miller ($2321)
Jill Graham ($2511)


You are just TOTEally AMAZING! <3

Way to GO ladies! I had set a team sales goal of $25,000 again and we hit $27,551 in Dec!

With a short sales week/month we still TOTEally Killed it this month! I loved chatting with so many of you connecting with INDIVIDUALS and SHARING to sell! I am so so proud of everyone! Let this be a launching board into our new year of new possibilities

Let's Celebrate Top Party Girls and Top Sellers for December!!
**We had 16 of 32 consultants place orders this month!**
3 Parties: D'Anna Buell, Jill Graham, Casey Bright
5 Parties: Kara Miller

**We had 27 consultants have sales this month! WHOA. Yay for Outlet Sales!*
$500+: Allyssa, Alvarez, Tonja Melchor, Christine Limbaugh
$1000+: Casey Bright, Jill Graham, Heather Brueshaber
$2000+ TOTEally Top Sellers:
D'Anna Buell ($3544.59!!!!!!!!)


Here is to setting GOALS and just SMASHING THEM!!!

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Dream Big, Dreambuilders!

Ashley Myers, 1
Miranda Perazzo, 3

Kara Miller, 2 (on her way to the first step of Leadership!! SENIOR CONSULTANT here she comes!!!!!!)
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Welcome to the new Consultants and parts of our TOTEally Blessed Team:

Amber McKinley
Heather Brueshaber
Michelle Pelton
Nicole Bloomer
Erica Hunter
Trista Hunter

I love seeing our Team/Family Grow! I am so excited you have chosen to begin YOUR journey!

*Be sure to check out the welcome email and the resources and training and let me know when we can connect to get goals set and focus your efforts this holiday season!*

Important Upcoming Dates

12/30-1/20 READY SET SELL (Party and Sell to earn Spring Kits/Catalogs!!!)
Check out details and frequently asked questions here:

12/30-1/20 Add On Kit available (view in above link) <<< these products are GENERALLY upcoming specials ;) A great investment!
12/30-1/20 Register to attend a Better Together Event Near you
*Go to and click "Attend an Event" In the Header.

NOW! Spring resources are available online!
*You can order Spring Catalogs, fliers, etc from your back office in a business supply order.
*You can download pdf catalog, catalog images and view a lot more on the "How to Market" page!

1/7 Monthly Customer email going out
1/14 Another Monthly Email going out
1/21 Spring/Summer Enrollment Kit available
1/31 Month End/Catalog Ends
2/1 Spring Catalog is LIVE!

IN THE FUTURE (start planning to save money and book dates NOW!)
We’ll be holding Conference in Salt Lake City, UT from July 9-11, 2016 and Columbus, OH from July 16-18, 2016
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StartSwell Earners:
**D'Anna Buell: Finished StartSwell In November earning herself 4 StartSwell Kits, 3 Better Together StartSwell Bonuses and a $250 Consistency Bonus Gift Card!!
**Samantha Borba:Finished StartSwell In November earning herself 4 StartSwell Kits, 3 Better Together StartSwell Bonuses and a $250 Consistency Bonus Gift Card!!
**Teresa Borton: Earned Level 4 StartSwell!!
**Jill Graham: Earned Level 3 StartSwell along with a $250 StartSwell Bonus!!

**Heather Brueshaber: Rocked her Launch party with a $1200 party to earn herself StartSwell Level 1 along with a $100 StartSwell Bonus.
**Jill Graham: Finished StartSwell In December earning herself 4 StartSwell Kits, 3 Better Together StartSwell Bonuses and a $250 Consistency Bonus Gift Card!!

GOAL SETTERS! I love that when I reached out I heard from several of you and worked with Casey, Allyssa, Kara and D'Anna to really plan out what some goals are! I'd love to set goals with you ladies, have coaching calls and help set action plans to get there!

Personal Bests! We had many people have personal bests in either November and December! If you're struggling with setting goals or starting to compare to others, just work within YOURSELF! Setting to beat a personal best (phone calls made, parties booked, parties held, sales made, etc) is sometimes the best place to start!

Tonja Melchor moved to Sylvania, which she and her family were very excited about!
Allyssa Alvarez and family traveled to Disney World!
Jill Graham and Kara Miller did some refinishing/decorating in their home!
Grace Bedford's husband, Matthew, got a new job and they relocated (AGAIN!) to Washington State!
Evelyn Israel had a baby girl <3!!
Ashley Myers has moved and started a new nursing job!
Heather Brueshaber went on a CRUISE!

If you ever want to celebrate! PLEASE share on our team Facebook Page!


Business Planning

I challenge you all to view your business as just that A BUSINESS! Even if you don't "Work full time" you can still be excited, purposeful and consistent in viewing it as a business! Doing so will make you CONFIDENT in decisions you make with time and money, and will help you set goals and plan time and work accordingly!

A few things I would love to share!

This is a link to the "Planathon" put on by CEO of ME- It is free but is only available until Jan 15th. It is amazing! Awesome workbook and great videos/info. I do subscribe to her success club and use her printables/planner in my business, but love even just the free training she just offered to set goals and get focused.

I am currently working on: Office Hours, Theme Days and Getting Organized!

Also, here is Melissa Fietsam's Power Hour Video! It talks about how you can work your business for 20 MINUTES AT A TIME and be consistent and effective :) (20 min-booking) (20 min-hostess coaching) (20 min- recruiting) (20 min-customer service)

Let's work it <3
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