NBPS Technology Newsletter

March 2022

Verizon Innovative Learning Lab Grants

A HUGE congratulations goes out to both New Brunswick Middle School and McKinley School for being awarded innovation labs that are powered by Verizon and Heart of America! Spaces in the school will be transformed into custom-designed, experiential learning spaces. Powered by a next-gen, emerging technology-infused curriculum and Verizon 5G, students are going to be given an opportunity to use new technology and harness the skills they need to build the future. What an amazing opportunity for the students at New Brunswick Public Schools.

District Highlights

Read Across America Day

On March 2nd, NBPS participated in the celebration of Read Across America Day. Whether it was in person, virtual, or a combination of both, books were being read and shared all across the district. Thank you to the community members, current district staff, and some alumni that came to read some of their all time favorite books to the students of New Brunswick Public Schools. What a fun day!

High School Social Media Workshop

Also on March 2, about 30 New Brunswick High School students participated in a social media workshop hosted by Dr. Jeffery Lane of Rutgers University and New Brunswick's community partner, Windows of Understanding. Dr. Lane is a professor with an extensive background of research into social media and violence. The workshop was incredibly impactful and informational.

Roosevelt's Wash and Learn

Roosevelt’s Wash and Learn began in November of 2019 by 1st grade bilingual teacher Anne-Marie McMahon. Mrs. MacMahon was inspired by The Chelsea Clinton Foundation and The Laundry Literacy Coalition to begin this program. The program creates opportunities for students and their families to experience a playful learning space. It provides them with early literacy resources and time for parents to talk, read, and sing with their young children with educators there to facilitate the learning experience. Throughout the pandemic Ms. McMahon and Mrs. Maritza Acevedo made frequent visits to the laundromat to refill the bookcases and ensure our students still had access to books. This year, the program has expanded to partnerships with New Brunswick Public Schools, NBEA PRIDE, Hidden Gems Literary Emporium, New Brunswick YAP and The Art Institute of Middlesex County.

The program meets monthly at the Handy Street Laundromat. It focuses on promoting literacy, talk, and building relationships amongst members in the community, such as teachers, administrators, students, families, representatives of the New Brunswick Police Department, and the like. The program’s mission is to provide resources for the community and provide learning opportunities for children and their families, "Talking is teaching,” McMahon states, “ We are role models for children. By talking and reading with our children, we help them learn, share ideas, become critical thinkers, and create lifelong memories that strengthen our bond with each other.”

Big picture

Lord Stirling's Digital Learning Day Project

During Digital Learning Day, Ms. Gallop's 4th and 5th grade students participated in an animation project using Google Slides. The objective of the lesson was to make one object move across the screen by continuing to add layers. This lesson was a big hit! Click here to view one of her student's final animation. To view properly, open in slideshow mode and click through to see the animation.

Teacher Brain Break!

Word Game

Play this popular and fun word game for a brain break! Guess a 5 letter word and try and solve in 6 tries. Grey = not in the word Yellow = in the word, wrong spot Green = in the correct spot

Number Game

Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. Try to beat your high score!

Curriculum and Instruction Department

Content Created by: Jamie Schoenbach, Supervisor of Instructional Technology