Fast Food

By: Sheeds and Kenna


Americans today are eating way to much fast food which is why one of the reasons America is the 9th most obese country in the world. 33.9 percent of Americas population is obese. Fast food is a main factor in why the U.S. is obese. If we can stop or find a solution to all this fast food eating we could be living way healthier and happier life styles!

The Problem

The problem is everyone is always in a rush and never has time to make dinners nowadays. Fast food looks so good, its cheap, and takes very little time to make so Americans go there when they are in a rush. In the past year there was a study showing that 15 percent of childhood obeasity is due to fast food. This is not okay and we need to find solutions.

Nutrition facts on fast food meals

1 Minute Fast Food P.S.A.

Home made meals are the way to go!

Possible solutions

Educate people on why fast food is bad for you

Make homemade meals

Update menus with more healthy choices

Make nutritional information visible on menus

Make serving sizes smaller