Leonardo Da Vinci

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Facts About Leonardo Da Vinci's Life

Leonardo Da vinci is mostly known for his art works such as the Mona Lisa, the Statue David, the vitruvian man, and even the last supper. But Leonardo was also a inventor. In the Vitruvian man is shows major detail in the body and that is because he would do biopsy's even though it was looked down upon at that time. Some of Leonardo's inventions even though not tried back then were the parachute, the crossbow, a plain, a tank, and a organ gun. Leonardo also studied the human body very closely and new probably more about how it works than anybody did at that time. The Viola organista another one of his inventions was a instrument that combine the harpsichord an organ and a viola.


Leonardo was Born on April 15, 1452-May 2, 1519. Leonardo Da Vinci was a artist painter and scientific. Leonardo Da Vinci's father was a attorney and notary and his lower class mother never were married. Together they had never had another child but Leonardo had 17 half siblings. At the age five Leonardo lived on the estate Vinci that was owned by his fathers family. Leonardo and his uncle both shared a love for nature so his uncle raised him.

Leonardo worked for

Leonardo worked for Verrocchio, and Ludovico.

Leonardo Da vinvi lived

He lived at Amboise,Florence, Vinci, and Milan

Stuff he painted

He painted the Mona lisa