What makes me tick?

Personality, Emotions, and Social/ Emotional Intelligence

6th period

Written by Alyssa Cecil
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My Personality

i wouldn't describe myself wild but i also wouldn't describe myself quiet. I am a outgoing person and can talk away. I have my times and my days that i can be the quietest person and not even know im there but there are some day when you wish i wasn't. I can talk to anybody i’m just that kind of person. I never was really shy. When i was a kid during church i would run up the aisle and go talk to the priest. Not that i didn't get in trouble but just knowing that i wasn't afraid to talk to anyone. I would always find someone to talk to. That has put a big impact on my life of not being shy because these past years i have made a lot of friends by just starting a random conversation that leads to being friends and also being outgoing has got me a job and over time it will impact my life to get me better job something something i like in the future. My personality could be both nature or nurture because my mom is the exact in some ways. I feel as when i was little i used to see my mom do it so i started acting like that its kind of a learn thing. I seen my mom out going and talk to people and made me adapt to that. Plus also my mom owned her own hair salon and i used to talk to all kinds of ladies there. I was never really the quiet one. I was the happy/noisy kid. I had to take medicine to make me sleep cause my mind was not where it should of been or focused on what i’m doing. My parents told me if i was the first kid they had it would of been the last.
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My Emotions-

I could never really control my emotions and that has a huge impact on my life. When it comes to depression i’m all about it. I get into deep thought and my mind wonders. I never really figured out where it came from because nobody in my family is emotional as me. They control it a lot better. i use to take medicine to control my emotions and go to counseling the older i have gotten the more that i left affect me. I’m not used to change and being a teenager is all about change and growing up, And yes being a teenager is stressful being older and having responsibilities is stressful. Everyone goes through it. I’ve always pushed myself forward by thinking someone else has it worse.

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My Social/ Emotional Intelligence-

I believe my nurture played a huge role in determining my social and emotional intelligence. My parents always taught me to put others first before yourself and thats a huge role in my personality. I have learned over the years that i need to work on my patients and how the way i react to things and when the time and place is used for that. I’m very talkative but when it comes to something important or not knowing very many people I seem to freeze up. When i went for my first interview i seemed to freeze up and didn’t say as much as i should have i left some of the most important things out. My dad is that kind of way he will talk your head off but when he is around A lot of people he is quiet as a mouse and that is where i think in get it from. Watching him and see how he reacts. I follow foot steps i’m more of a follower more than i am a leader.
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The Importance of Understanding Myself, My Emotions, and My Social/ Emotion Intelligence-

I never really looked at the importance of understanding myself but when people point it out or you do something about yourself and you figure and find out about yourself you never really know yourself until someone else knows you and picks out what’s most important and you start to notice. i have noticed a lot here lately that my emotional control a lot of my personality. My emotional control who i am and how my day is gonna be or what mood im gonna have that day. It all lead to how i let them control me i can look at it things will get better just have to wait or eventually they will.I let a lot of things trigger my emotions and control them, and i have learned over the years that if i let every single thing affect me or let it bother me i will have a terrible life and never been in a good mood, But because of my understanding of myself, my emotions, and my social/emotional intelligence, I refuse to let a negative emotion impact my entire day. I am in control of me.