Great Expectations

July 8, 2016

1 or 1/2 Day Professional Development Opportunities

Did you know we have GE Instructional Coaches that can provide high quality 1 or 1/2 day of Professional Development for your staff. We have a plethora of topics or can individually design something for your specific needs. Call 918-688-5810 for more information.

ENROLL NOW - SUMMER 2016 - Academic Excellence & Culture of Respect

GE Methodology - 1st Time Participants (4-day training)

Great Expectations (GE) Methodology is grounded in six basic tenets- All Children Can Learn, Building Self Esteem, Climate of Mutual Respect, High Expectations, Teacher Attitude and Responsibility, and Teacher Knowledge and Skill. In the four-day training session participants are immersed in the research-based 17 Classroom Practices to be an effective teacher. Each of the 17 practices is examined through the lens of developing a Culture of Respect and promoting Academic Excellence. Classroom management is anchored in the GE 8 Expectations. The 36 Life Principles promote students of character. Participants are provided with a GE Manual of instructional materials and a wealth of resources, research, and structures to use in his/her own learning environment. GE Methodology provides a blue print to be an exemplary educator. With full implementation of Great Expectations Methodology, academic performance and attendance go up and discipline referrals go down.

Grade Levels:

Lower Elementary Methodology PK-2

Upper Elementary Methodology 3-5

Middle School Methodology 6-8

High School Methodology 9-12

Click on the link below to ENROLL. If you have 50 people to train and would like us to come to your campus call 918-688-5810 for information about on-site training.

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