The Power of the Music

The Music can change your life in many different ways

You can choose what way to go with the music you listen to

The music has a power that can control your mind

You can choose what music listen to the good one or the bad one is your chose

Music can do really bad things with your mind

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Music can change the way you live the way you act and who you really are

You are the one who makes the decision

How can make the decision

You need to listen carefully to the letter of the song and if it swears so don't ever think about that song again.

The Power Music

You are able to choose right or wrong

My Summery

So what I know about this cause is that There is 2 types of music the good one and the bad one. So the effects are for example if you choose the bad one that swears and talk about inappropriate things. That most of us can’t listen to and you will have this feeling that you kind of want to do what the song says. And if the song swear you will want to swear.So if you do that you will not be the same and go in the wrong way. But if you choose the good music you will still be same and listening to thing that changes the way you are. Also you will do the good things that the songs says. And it will be good for you and other people, you can also help people change the way they are to a good way if they listen to good music.