PC Hats for Sale


Friday Spirit Days

For the past several years students have supported 5th Grade by paying $1 to wear a hat on Fridays. Student Council is so excited to offer PC hats to wear with our school shirts on Fridays. All proceeds go toward our 5th Grade Science Camp and Student Council's Legacy Project.

Order Form and Money Due (Cash Only)

Friday, Aug. 30th, 8am

4400 Lakeview Boulevard

Denton, TX

Student Council will continue selling hats throughout the year. Order forms are located on the Student Council bulletin board in the main hallway. All order forms and cash can be turned in to Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Gonzales, or the front office.

$15 Each

Student Name: ________________________

Homeroom Teacher: ___________________

Grade: ________

Hat Number: ______________

Hat Number: ______________

Hat Number: ______________

Hat Number: ______________

Total Hats: ________________

Total Cost: ________________

Pecan Creek Student Council


Michelle Brown

Kendra Gonzales