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Fashion Marketing Degree, Kent State, Fashion Marketing Job

Fashion Marketing Degree

With my fashion marketing degree I plan on starting off working for a company. I then would like to work my way up the company's ladder to build my resume. After that I would ultimately like to own my own company. The classes that you take for this degree depending on the school you go to are the general classes you take at most schools. You also take marketing classes that are fashion based and sometimes some design classes. You can get lots of internships with almost any fashion company or even any that are marketing based while getting this degree. I want to get a fashion marketing degree because of my love for fashion and business.

Kent State University

Kent State is located in Kent Ohio. To get excepted into Kent State you should have three years of a science, math and history. Kent State also likes four years of English and two years of a foreign language. Kent State has many activities offered to their students like sports and Greek life. Kent State is ranked in the top five for fashion marketing schools in our country. Kent State fashion students can study fashion in Florence and Paris. Famous Kent State Alumni are Steve Hardy, Michael Keten and Drew Carey.
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Fashion Marketing Carrer

For this job you should have marketing degree preferably a fashion marketing degree. People who should go into this job are people who love fashion and business. Qualities to have for this job are a fashion sense and organizational skills. This job involves advertising, travailing and shopping. Planning events and dealing with public relations are things to expect in this job. The job out look for a fashion marketing career is 13%. The general salary to expect in this job is $123,220.00 a year.



Q: What kind of internships can you take on?

A: Any internship involing design, marketing or styling.

Q: Who should consider majoring in this?

A: Creative people who love to travel.

Q: What kind of interests should you have?

A: A love for fashion and business.


Q: What sort of Training do you need?

A: A bachlers in fashion marketing or any kind of marketing.

Q: What is the job outlook?

A: 13% growth rate.

Q: What sort of skills do you need?

A: Creativity, Fashion Sense, Orginization, Time Managment

University/ Kent State:

Q: What are the rquirements to get in?

A: Recumended three years of sience, history, math, four years of english and two years of a fourign languge.

Q: What activites are offered at this school?

A: Greek Life, Sports, Music.

Q: Who are their notible alumni?

A: Drew Carey, Michael Keaton and Steve Hardey.