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+The Principal's Corner+

Inclement Weather Memo

Education is important and every missed day of school represents lost learning opportunities. However, the Boise School District’s primary concern is for the safety of all students, including students riding buses and walking or biking to school. If students cannot safely travel to school or if schools are not able to operate safely because of city-wide dangerous weather conditions, school may be cancelled.

We will not cancel school on days with normal wintry conditions. Light snowfall, cold mornings or areas of ice are not sufficiently dangerous to force the closure of schools. With proper precautions including appropriate clothing, road deicing, and careful driving, students can travel to and from school safely.

The Boise School District covers over 450 square miles of Ada County. We recognize that conditions vary throughout the District, even from street to street, in some cases. Conditions may be extremely dangerous in one area, while perfectly safe everywhere else. If parents believe it is too dangerous for their children to travel to school they have the option to keep their children home. If school is cancelled, it will be cancelled for the entire District.

The most frequent dangerous weather conditions facing Boise schools are:

SNOW: Snow levels within the City of Boise are typically light or moderate. However, there is always the potential for a heavy snowfall to make traveling by vehicle or on foot dangerous. Historically, most snowfall only results in slow traffic and minor accidents throughout the City. Normal snowfalls would not result in school closures.

COLD: Frigid temperatures are more serious than snow when making school closure decisions. On bitterly cold days our concern is for students walking to school. Extremely cold weather also impairs our ability to get buses running, which causes delays in pickup routes, delays which are much more dangerous to riders because of the low temperatures.

ICE: Ice is our most dangerous winter weather condition. Freezing rain and/or refreezing of melted snow make our roads, streets and sidewalks extremely treacherous for pedestrians, and vehicles. Icy conditions may force us to close, even if it appears that no other dangerous conditions exist.

How is the decision made to close or not to close school? Representatives from transportation agencies, the weather bureau, the highway district, city and county law enforcement agencies, and school administrators, including the Superintendent, check the roads and monitor information throughout the night and early morning hours. We confer by telephone early in the morning to reach a decision.

If school will be closed, we will communicate to local radio and television stations to spread the word. We will also email parents, send a text message, post closure information at, on each school’s website, on our Twitter account @BSDEducation and on our Facebook page. To signup for the District’s emergency text messaging service for parents/guardians text SUBSCRIBE to the number 68453. Emergency text alerts are also available for non-parents (for example, District staff members) via the Boise School District's mobile app. The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can also view a short video further explaining our Inclement Weather Procedures on our Emergency webpage.

Thank you,

Jeff Farley

Reminder Of The Attendance Policies

A full day is 4 or more hours of instruction time. A half day is 2.5 hours and less than 4 hours of instruction time. This excludes lunch periods, breaks, passing time, recess, etc.

Students should be marked a half day absent under the following conditions on a regular

school day :

+Students arriving after 10 a.m and if a Student leaves before 2 p.m.

Students should be marked a half day absent under the following conditions on a half day of school:

+Students leaving before 10:30 a.m

+ Contact Info+

Principal-Jeff Farley

Admin Assistant-Leia McGarvie

Counselor-David Grapp

+Dates to Remember+

December 14th - Com Lunch K-3

December 15th - Com lunch 4-6

December 20th -1st/2nd grade & Bond's class Music Program 2-3 pm

December 21st- Early release

December 22nd through January 7th- Winter Break!!

January 8th- School back in Session

winter Music program

First and Second Graders plus Mrs. Bond’s Class


Animal and Winter Songs

Wednesday, December 20th

2 P.M.

Monroe gym

Pre-concert music starts at 1:40

Students from Mrs. Faddick’s class

will entertain concert guests

Monroe Choir will sing at 2 P.M.

Followed by the 1st and 2nd grade students

from Mrs. King’s, Mrs. Baker’s,

Mrs. Harris’, Mrs. Skidmore’s

and Mrs. Bond’s classes

We hope you can attend!


A big Thank you to everyone who helped with the Mayor's challenge! Once again we won and will be receiving some prize money because of everyone's outstanding effort. Our kids and staff walked 2,900 miles in October. Harris's class walked the most miles in October with 460! Harrington's class walked 325 and Bond's class walked 240! So far this year Monroe has walked 3,400 miles with Kramer's class walking the most miles, 500!! Great job everybody and let's keep walking!
An Extra big thank you to our volunteer/parents who continue to come every week to punch cards.


Choir News

Monroe Singers (aka Monroe choir) will accept new members in January!

Please think about joining other 4th, 5th and 6th graders for Spring Time concerts and our March Elementary Choir Festival at South Junior High.

Current choir students will be performing winter songs at the District Service Center (aka Administration Office) on December 8th at about 12:45 p.m.. It will last about 15 -20 minutes. This short adventure will be shared with the Whitney choir members. That way we will have a bigger sound in the DSC foyer.

District Service Center

8169 W Victory RD

Boise, ID 83709

Choir students will also perform on Wednesday, December 20th at 2 p.m. at Monroe.

This will be just prior to the first and second graders Winter Program in the Monroe gym.

+Monroe Choir Sponsoring Socks and Shoe Drive+

Monroe Choir


Socks and Shoe Drive

Winter is almost here.

Sometimes Monroe students arrive at school with no socks


their shoes have holes or they wear sandals on snowy days.

Choir members would like to support

Monroe nurse’s office and counselor’s office

by gathering new or used shoes and socks

for students needing footwear.

Please help.

New or used shoes and socks without holes accepted.

Good condition Kindergarten size

through sixth grade size shoes needed.

Please bring to the music room or main office.

Thank you!

+Monroe PTO's email+

No PTO meeting this month!

Bobcat Character Card Raffle Winners!

Hartley, Max C.,Vida, Haden, Mackenzie, Gage, Micah, Kasey, Naomi, Gwyneth, Addi,Charlie, Skyler, Kadee, Mason, Kya, Liam, Emma, Jackson, and Eloise!

Good work!! These students were great examples of showing Kindness, the character trait in November!

Alina Bout

William Severinsen

Justin Mateo

Zoey Daquioag

Hartley Sorenson

Preston Pidgeon

Yumi Kumm

Le War

Angela Zervudakis

Jacob Metzger

Sam Redfern

Morgen Ritthaler

Wendy Htoo

Trea Lekka

Spencer Pannell

Monroe Chess Program 2017-2018 +CLICK HERE+

Starts Tuesday, September 5, 2017 8:00-8:45

Girl Scouts of Silver sage

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm Hillcrest Elementary School 2045 S Pond St Boise ID 83705

Boise Elementary Spanish (BES)

Classes will be held after school on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30 beginning on September 19th at Monroe.

+ Counselors Corner+

Monroe Family Fund

Parents and Guardians of Monroe Elementary Students:

Monroe Family Fund:

We are setting up a fund for the holidays to help families who are finding themselves in financial need this season. If you would like to receive assistance, please fill out the form above and return to the school office, or place in the counselor’s mailbox outside of the counseling office, or mail to Monroe Elementary, Attn: David Grapp, 3615 W. Cassia St., Boise ID 83705. We will provide what the fund allows and try to assist all families and children who have a need. If you are interested in this assistance, would you please return this form and the opposite side of this form by Friday, November 30, 2016.

If you can donate to assist Monroe families in need, please make checks out to “Monroe Family Fund” and return to the Monroe office. Upon request, receipts are available for tax purposes.

Thank you to everyone for your kindness,

David Grapp LPC NCC Monroe Elementary Counselor

+Box Tops+

Don't forget to keep sending your box tops to your teacher! Clipping Box Tops is such an amazing way to give back to our schools and help education.
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