Make Lemonade Project

By Mikey Greco

Discrimination's past effect on America

Discrimination has made America a worse place, however it seems that over the years discrimination has made us as Americans more aware of all the terrible stereotypes and racists acts that occur in everyday life. Past discrimination makes newer generations be born into it and makes them think discrimination is okay.

Discrimination in America today

Although discrimination is nowhere near how bad it was many years ago it is still an issue in today's society. There is almost always stories in the news about discrimination. A random example is the racial insensitivity going on at Purdue University right now. Similar problems are going on at other colleges too. This proves that some people still believe that other races are different from them.

Discrimination in the world today

Discrimination is a problem all around the world. Judgement of other people by the way they look is a world wide problem. Over the years it has been getting better however it still goes on everyday. It is a terrible problem that should've stopped years ago.

People getting judged

People get judged everyday in the world. A good example of this is all the judging that goes on in school. All it takes is a look at someones clothes in school for some kids to think they know everything about a person. This is called judging and it happens all over the world, not just in school.

Major women's rights events in the past.

Ever since the caveman times there has always been male supremacy over women. For a while this supremacy was displayed in men's rights compared to women's rights. In the early 1800's major industrialization started happening. Men became the major wage earners and money is usually a major factor in power. Up until 1917 women couldn't even vote because they had lost the right to vote in the early 1800's, the same time the industrialization. Sexism towards women's rights was definitely a terrible problem.

How women are treated differently than men in America

Women and men are treated as different as two different species. People assume that men are stronger and tougher, and that women are just there to be housewives, when in reality men and women are completely equal. Women don't live a manly life style because many people find it socially unacceptable. People find it socially unacceptable because they have a single expectation for people and if you don't follow this expectation then you will not be accepted in today's society.

How are women treated differently than men in the world

America isn't the only place that puts men before women. there are many other countries that think men are superior to women, which isn't true. One perfect example of this is in the Middle East. Women have conceal every part of their body except there eyes, and men can wear whatever they want.

Famous people fighting for woman's rights in america

There are many famous woman's rights activists. One very notable activist was named Susan B. Anthony. She was born on February 15, 1820, and died March 13, 1906. She joined the rights movement in 1852 and fought for women's rights until she died.

Novel connections

There are many novel connections I can make between discrimination and women's rights and Make Lemonade. First, Jolly gets discriminated many times, for example Lavaughn's mom talks bad about her. Also, Jolly probably would not have had to experienced what she did if she wasn't a woman. There are many examples of discrimination in the novel Make Lemonade.