Week of January 6-10

This week at a glance...

Reading: Discovering what goes on in our heads when we're reading and how to use that to become better readers. Also exploring nonfiction text features and discovering how they support us as readers.

Writing: Beginning a nonfiction article. This will build on our understanding of nonfiction text writing while helping us practice craft and elaboration.

Math: Continuing our discovery of division. We will finish up this chapter the middle of the week and test on Friday. (We reviewed this past week and I was really excited with how much everyone seemed to remember while we were gone. This gives me confidence they have a deep grasp on division concepts!)

SC History: Beginning our journey through the Revolutionary War with a focus on South Carolina.

Science: Continuing our discovery in sound through experiments.

"If you're not moving forward, you're falling behind"

Please stress to your students the importance of listening and participating throughout the day. I truly believe we learn from each other- you learn from peers and so do your students. However, this can only take place if your students are taking active steps towards listening and having purposeful conversations about our discoveries.

Thanks for all you do!

Stacey Crouch

Dutch Fork Elementary

Title One School