Oil Rig Concerns

Federal Government Official


An Oil Rig that has been sent to stand in alaska, What? This is a HORRIBLE idea. They should not set this oil rig in alaska, they should send it elsewhere. Setting this oil rig in alaska and begin doing drilling there will cause issues in different ways. If this rig were to catch on fire, it would cause pollution and would not be good for the enviroment. This rig should be stopped.

What would happen?

risky issues!

  • There is icebergs and glaciers all around in alaska, some are even floating around in the waters, this could cause damage to the oil rig.
  • If the oil rig were to hit the glaciers/ice, the oil rig could break in parts, and ANOTHER oil spill could happen once again. We cannot risk this chance.
  • If another oil spill happened from an incident as those listed above, More marina life would be affected and would die.
  • People would be affected because the oil could drain into their drinking water system and can contaminate them, and could make them ill and have a disease.
  • It would costs millions of dollars just to clean up all the oil that has spilled from the rig.
  • This would all cause another bad disaster in our economy and our water systems. It could also effect the lands that people live on.