Disaster at sea

BP oil spill clean up

The Liam and John clean up crew

You should be worried

You should be worried because if you were out in the water you could have gotten oil on yourself to. So that means stay out of the water unless you are on a boat. Also if you are a doctor you can come help these animals get cleaned up and have a better life

How we approached the problem

We approached the problem by hearing it on the news. Then we thought we should go down to mexico and have a lot of people come help us take care of the animals and make sure we get all of the oil out of the ocean. Also we started off finding the area of the oil spill to see how long we would be working a day or how much area we have to cover

Total area of oil spill

323 miles squared

Did we clean up all the oil?

  1. We think got all the polygons added up and found the total area as 323 square miles
  2. We think we got all the areas cleaned up and I think if the actual oil spill was different then the actual area would be larger than ours
oil spill gulf of mexico 2010
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Help us clean up the oil