Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman

Some of the Main Characters.

Some of the other characters

Some of the other characters: Dan's Aunt Goldie, ALL of Arthur's sisters, Dan's mom, Dan's dad, Arthur's mom and dad, Mrs. Smiley, and all the backround people.


Time- The time was CONSTENTLY changing. First it was morning, then the transition from morning to noon, then noon, then the transition from noon to dusk, then dusk, then the transition from dusk no night, then night. and then we start over.

Weather- The weather changed a lot in this story, so lets start from beginning to end. At the beginning of the book it was very sunny and warm. If you recall, in my summary it said that they were at the beach in the beginning of the book. in the transition from morning to noon, it seemed as if it was getting colder and windier, and the sky was turning colors. (like green, perhaps), and at noon it was really windy and it was colder than earlier... In the transition from noon to dusk, it was around there the twister hit. After the twister the weather was sort of nice, but still a little windy and cold, since 7 tornado's hit little Grand Island, some were still going on.

Location- This story took place in a bunch of different places but the main one was outside, in the neighborhood. I will explain all the locations in the story, but I'm just telling you that was the main one. In the beginning of the story it was at a beach. In the transition from morning to noon, they were heading back to Dan's house. At noon, they reached Dan's house. It's not like they took a long time, they just left really late. In the transition from noon to dusk, they were at the house. That is where they stayed for pretty much the rest of the book. The only other location that they went to was Dan's grandpa's farm down in Phillips.


Let's start with the first problem in the book. Dan's house was getting torn up by the tornado. The way they fixed it by deciding they would rebuild everything so they could try to make it like it was before. The next problem was everyone split up and no one could find anyone else. The way they solved THAT was tracking everyone down later in the book. Those were some of the main problems in the book. One of the other problems is that they couldn't get Mrs. Smiley out of her house. They way they solved that was stacking couches and furniture on tope of one another to try to get Mrs. Smiley out of her house after the tornado hit her house, 'cause she was trapped in her basement too. Just like Dan, Arthur and Ryan. One of the other MAIN problems is that Dan, Arthur and Ryan were trapped in the basement. The way they got out of that pickle was that Stacey had to come rescue them from the basement.


It was a nice day, and Arthur and Dan had their backs turned on the beach. Arthur and Dan are best friends. Then Stacey walked up to them. Dan has a crush on Stacey, and Stacey is Arthur's sister. Also walking up with her was Ronnie Vae, who was ALSO Arthur's sister. They were walking up with Bikinis on, and Dan thought Ronnie Vae must be embarrassed and cold because she was SOOOO skinny. They talked for a little bit, and then when they were starting to hit for home, the sky was starting to turn green, and Dan got all shivery. On the WAY home, it was starting to get a little windy, and so Arthur went home with Dan. Dan was thinking about leaving his bike in the driveway, cause it was getting REALLY windy now. He did leave his bike in the driveway and it came back to bite him later in the book. When Dan and Arthur got to Dan's house, Dan invited Arthur to stay for dinner. He did, and Dan's mom had to go see an old neighbor, Mrs. Smiley, and around the time when they finished dinner, and when Dan's mom was leaving to go see Mrs. Smiley, THAT is when the twister came. Dan and Arthur were left in charge of Ryan, and Arthur wanted to go home. Dan said he could NOT be thinking about going HOME, now, was he? They managed to get to Ryan's room, but the lights were out, and the faucets were sucking, and so when Dan ran into Ryan's room, he immediately crashed into Ryan's ,mobile, and managed to get Ryan stuck in it. Dan was trying to get Ryan out, but he just couldn't. So eventually he got so mad that he just pulled the mobile off the ceiling. THAT got Ryan's attention. He started crying, and Dan couldn't do anything about it. So he just ran downstairs to the basement where Arthur was waiting. After they got to the basement, they were looking for a safe place to stay while the twister happened, and they chose the bathroom, because it was somewhat underground. After like, 5 minutes, the twister finally hit their house. They were really scared, but they had a blanket over their head. they new from all they violent wind they have been getting, (since the roof was torn open), they were also getting some pretty violent rain and it was COLD. There is no other way to say it. that rain was COLD. At least that's what I read. :). When the rain finally stopped, Ryan was playing in the water, because since they were in the bathroom they were in the bathtub, and it had sprung a leak in the shower. That was also when the twister was FINALLY over. Now, there were actually seven tornados that hit in Grand Island, Nebraska, but only one hit their neighborhood. Even though they were literally ALL OVER Grand Island. After the tornado, though, Dan, Ryan, and Arthur were sort of trapped in the basement, by beams, nails and a bunch of other stuff like towels from other houses, balls that were in their yard, and so Stacey had to come rescue them. Also ANOTHER the reason they were stuck in the basement is because the roof was torn open and crash-landed in the basement. But near the end of the book, everyone decided that they would try to rebuild everything, and everyone had to get on different vehicles, and got separated, so then AT the end of the book everyone eventually found everyone else . Everyone was staying somewhere different, and Dan and Arthur ended up staying at Dan's grandpa's house, on the farm way down in the country until further notice. That technically means until they rebuild all the buildings and houses and playgrounds so they will have a place to live in. That was the end of the book. Please, I encourage you to read this book, and if you do, let's hope you like it!!

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