Sandy Hook

Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The Event

On December 14th, 2012 Adam Lanza shot his mother then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary. There at Sandy Hook Adam killed 20 children and 7 adults. This put many families in great distress and sadness.

Adam Lanza

Born:April 22, 1992

Died December 14, 2012

Portrayal on Gun Control

In the CNN news they say that after the shooting that gun control is going to be enforced more than ever. Stating that legislative is going to pass laws.

Portrayal on Adam Lanza

New York Times state that Adam Lanza was getting help from Yale University on his Medical Stability. Also undiagnosed with anorexia.

Archetypal Critism

Shows that the killer which is Adam Lanza is the bad guy. The kids are the innocent that the police force goes to save.

Omission Biased

All the media shows a omission bias because they all talk about the main fact that a man killed over 20 children and his mother. It may have been a tragic event but they increase the emotion in the media.
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