Staff Weekly

Published: March 25th

Big picture

fun on the horizon

  • We are working on a pop up shop with Truckshop, Belle's BBQ and DreamyWhip. Stay tuned for that.
  • We have a Facebook private event going for a pallet party here at Bally on June 29th. If I'm not friends with you on Facebook, I cannot invite you, but someone that is invited can.
  • DreamyWhip ice cream truck WILL be here on April 5th.
  • Color Run will be April 19th after lunch until the end of the day. Kona Ice will be on site.


This week is 15 minutes.

Topic: What's the point of Learning Targets in 15 minutes or less PLUS a body scan.


1. Read FOCUS pp. 63-71.

Here's a playlist if you prefer to learn more by viewing. The focus is Checking for Understanding.

I'm not going to pretend that we will actually get to the curriculum snapshots. They should be updated weekly. I do read them to keep up with what you are doing.

We'll discuss Madeline Hunter's work specifically Checking for Understanding or CFU (Teach Like a Champion).

Big picture

focus book study plan

  • March 29: Discuss pp. 63-71
  • April 5: Discuss pp. 72-87
  • April 26: Discuss pp. 87-99
  • May 3: Discuss pp. 100-112

During May

  • Core leaders set up a one hour vertical meeting time after school with Stacie and Erika. We will discuss your chapter in Section 2 and talk about establishing some non-negotiable teaching practices for Bally.
  • Read your assigned chapter before your hour long meeting.

ELA, Sped, and UA: Read pp. 115-162 MEETING IS MAY 14 for ELA

Social Studies: Read pp. 163-200 MEETING IS MAY 7 for SS

Science: Read pp. 201-238

Math: Read pp. 239-274

Big picture


For summatives:

1. Have evidence uploaded for domains 1 and 4

2. Have your domains 1 and 4 rubric highlighted.

3. I was planning on a rotating sub, but the majority of you guys signed up during one of your plans. I anticipate each summative to only take 30 minutes of the 45 scheduled. I adjusted the rest of you to plannings.


  • Office Staff, Admin Team meetings
  • 8th Grade Promotion Team meeting during SEL
  • Stacey Welch formative during 6th
  • Erika has Skype meeting during 7th
  • Faculty circle after school


  • 7th Grade ELA Unit Planning Day
  • Miranda Post--but you are in a meeting so we can delay
  • Kickboard Webcast for admin team
  • Morris post during 5th
  • Heist formative during 7th
  • Pidgeon post after school
  • BCEA Meeting
  • Parent book study at 6:30


  • Faculty Mindfulness in the AM
  • Chorus to competition
  • Math dept. meeting after school
  • SBDM at 5pm


  • SEL visit from Tischenor Middle
  • Kyle to STC meeting after school
  • Send kids to get their Go Pantry bags.


  • Friday Focus Meetings
  • Pancake reward for Kickboard kids. 7am to 8am
  • Mental Health Summit at night at Florence Baptist Church