1st Quarter Parent Newsletter

October 9, 2020

Teacher of the Year 2019-2020

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AMS South Teacher of the Year

Ms. Hoffman

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Student Information

Outstanding Orioles

The Outstanding Oriole Award is presented to recognize and honor students whose overall excellence in school is exemplary. The award winners are selected by the faculty and administration after being nominated by individual teachers.

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First Quarter Honorees

Grizzlies - Kathryn Quinney & Gideon Fikru

Jaguars - Grace Cron & Caleb Wessel

Knights - Samantha Miller & Colton Dooley

Foresters - Alexis Yuk & Jeremy England-Zoller

Greyhounds - Emily Parsons & Kaleb Rasheed

Panthers - Jillann Minor & Rayden Kasmer

Great job, everyone!

1st Quarter Encore Winners

Each Encore teacher selects students who do outstanding work or show improvement in class. It is not necessarily for the “highest grade” but instead the overall achievement, effort, and attitude in class. The first quarter winners are:

Spanish - Bethany Brown & Stephen Onochie

Japanese - Elliott Hershey

Computer Science - Peyton Holloway & Gavin Byrd

Art - Janell Walker, Madalynn Jones, Skigh Keller & Gabriel Paradise

FACS - Addisen Daubenspeck, Dakota Parsley, Charlie Finnerty & Andrew Onochie

Engineering & Technology - Sidney Huffman, Marin Parker, Michael Bitar & Rayden Kasmer

Band - Prahbleen Kaur & Madison Gullion

Choir - Lillian Lloyd & Emily Parsons

Orchestra - Malak Marzak & Jack Clark

PE/Wellness 1st Quarter Fitness Testing

Students completed their end of quarter fitness testing. We saw a lot of improvements from the beginning of the year! These students did outstanding on the Push Up Test!

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Outstanding Grizzlies

Ms. Weinstein would like to recognize students from the Grizzlies Team for the

first quarter in each subject.

Language Arts: Regan Cooper & Michael Bitar

Math: Rachel Lockard & Abdulmalik Okunola

Science: Zamaya White & Zachary Wyen

Social Studies: Nancy Orogun & James Butler

Great job, everyone!

Outstanding Jaguars

Mrs. Ringham would like to recognize students from the Jaguars Team for the

first quarter in each subject.

Language Arts: Sophia Wilson & Sirbritton Thomas

Math: Ava Floerke & Jonathan Reyes-Hernandez

Science: Alyssa Boyd & Gabriel Clark

Social Studies: Solana Foto & Mario Siddons

Great job, everyone!

Outstanding Knights

Mr. East would like to recognize students from the Knights Team for the

first quarter in each subject.

Language Arts: Bella Julia & Drake Lough

Math: Macy Nugent & David Alonge

Science: Marin Parker & Cameron Hintz

Social Studies: Ava Clark & Matthew Riveria

Great job, everyone!

Outstanding Foresters

Mrs. DeBow would like to recognize students from the Foresters Team for the

first quarter in each subject.

Language Arts: Sydney Byers & Gurbaaj Khasria

Math: Olivia Smith & Gavin Oliver-Raikes

Science: Chloe Adkins & Joshua Elliott

Social Studies: Rebecca Sprauge & Henry Whittle

Great job, everyone!

Outstanding Greyhounds

Mr. Gullion would like to recognize students from the Greayhounds Team for the

first quarter in each subject.

Language Arts: Samantha Freed & Jacob Ott

Math: Madalyn Shaw & Kevin Garcia

Science: Bethany Brown & Camron Hood

Social Studies: Camryn McCollum & Connor Taylor

Great job, everyone!

Outstanding Panthers

Mrs. Tharp would like to recognize students from the Panthers Team for the

first quarter in each subject.

Language Arts: Hanna Tefera & Stephen Onochie

Math: Raigan Johnson & Buruk Haile

Science: Olorunkanyinsola Tokan-Lawal & Gavin Byrd

Biology: Annabelle Massa & Abram Teipen

Social Studies: Audrey Eagle & Gunnar Nierzwicki

Great job, everyone!



to our student's celebrating a birthday in October!!!

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Picture Re-take Day will be October 27, 2020

Our picture re-take day at AMS South will be on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.

Below you will find the order form attachment.

A Note from our Nurse

Happy Fall Break AMS South Families!

I’d first like to start by commending all of you for your tremendous amount of diligence and support with the kick off of the fall school year. Starting the school year in the middle of a Pandemic has brought so many unknowns. With the continued dedication from our families and staff, our students at South have been able to remain in school, learning, and healthy!

As the colder months arrive, we are going to inevitably see more illness. The 2020-2021 influenza season will coincide with the continued or recurrent circulation of COVID-19. The CDC recommends flu shots, this year more than ever. The flu shot will “reduce symptoms that might be confused with those of COVID-19.”

Just a reminder that if your child is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (see list below) they should stay home from school and you should contact their primary care provider. If your child has symptoms of COVID-19, they need to stay home until their symptoms are improving and it has been at least 10 days from the time the symptoms began-unless they have a negative COVID-19 test result or a note from a healthcare provider with an alternative diagnosis. If anyone in the household is being tested for COVID-19, it is highly recommended that students should remain at home until there is a negative COVID-19 test result according to the new guidance from the ISDH.

COVID-19 symptoms:

•Temperature 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when taken by mouth

• Sore throat

• Cough, especially new onset uncontrolled cough, or any cough causing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing (for students with chronic allergic/asthmatic cough a change in the cough from baseline)


•Vomiting, Diarrhea, or Abdominal Pain

• New onset if severe headache, especially with a fever

• Loss of taste or smell

If you have any questions in regards to your student’s symptoms or illness, please reach out! The Hendricks County Health Department has created a hotline for those concerns related to COVID related illness. The phone number is 317-718-6018. Parents can leave a voicemail and the caller will get a return call from the health department staff within 24 hours.

Have a Wonderful Fall Break! Stay Healthy!

Kimber Walters, BSN, RN

AMS South - School Nurse

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Guidance Office Information

Study Tables

National Junior Honor Society will offer after school study help sessions on Monday’s and Wednesday's after school from 2:45 - 3:30PM. Students will then go to the cafeteria and wait for the late bus. During this time, there will be a supervisor in the cafeteria with the students while they wait for the late bus to arrive. Students that will be a car rider home on these days can be picked up at door 1 at 3:30PM.

If your child will be staying for the study session and they need bus transportation home they must sign up for the late bus in the Guidance Office at lunch that day. For those students taking the late bus home, the bus will leave AMS South at 4:30pm.

21st Century Scholars Information

Indiana started the 21st Century Scholars Program in 1990 to ensure that students from low and moderate income families can afford a college education. Income-eligible 7th and 8th graders who enroll in the program and fulfill a pledge of good citizenship can receive up to four years of undergraduate tuition at a participating Indiana college. (The scholarship amount is based on the family’s ability to contribute to a college education.)

How to apply

The 21st Century Scholars application is only available online. Eligible 7th and 8th grade students and their parents or legal guardians may access the online application at www.Scholars.in.gov. Applications must be submitted by June 30th of the student’s 8th grade year. Please review income eligibility requirements online before applying: https://scholars.in.gov/

21st Century Scholars of Indiana

Click above to visit website

Homework Hotline

Need help with Math and Science homework?

Call the Homework Hotline



Homework Hotline Information

Click above to visit website

E-Learning Day

Students will be expected to complete assignments from home on

Tuesday, November 10, 2020.

Teen Safety Matters Presentation

Dear Avon Community Schools Families,

Avon Community School Corporation is committed to providing the highest quality of care for all students. To ensure that our school environment continues to reflect our commitment to safety and security, students will learn how to help recognize and keep themselves safe from dangerous or abusive situations.

In accordance with Indiana State Legislation, we will be providing information about body safety to our students. We recognize that these are difficult topics, but your child’s safety will always be our top priority.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s school counselor for more information.

Student Handbook

Avon Middle School South Student Handbook is now available on the school website under the Parents tab. The handbook contains general information, policies and procedures, and code of behavior.

Student Handbook

Click above to take you to the student handbook on our webpage

Learnmore Books

This book comes from the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) with lots of helpful information regarding college and career readiness. Once we receive the books for AMS South students they will be sent home with your child.


Schoology can be accessed through any computer with internet access, cell phones, and tablets with the Schoology App.

Students will use Schoology to do many things such as:

· Receive assignments from teachers

· Access documents such as worksheets and PowerPoint presentations

· Submit assignments to teachers

· Keep track of missing assignments

· Ask teacher’s questions

· Communicate with classmates about assignments take quizzes and tests

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Topics we will cover during the 2nd Quarter in Homeroom:

On Wednesday, October 28, 2020 will be covering Body Safety, which is teaching students about abuse and neglect.

More topics we will cover this quarter are: showing respect, how to listen effectively, how to handle peer pressure, and diversity.

If you have any questions regarding the topics that we discuss please contact your child's counselor.

Office Procedures

Book Rental Fees

Book fee statements were sent out on September 14, 2020. Payment was due upon receipt of the book fee bill. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Berkley, our Treasurer, at


Absence Procedure

If a student is absent from school, the PARENT must call the school by 8:30AM to report the absence. The parent can also email the school at msattendance@avon-schools.org with attendance or early dismissal information. If no call or email is received, the automated school system will make an effort to contact the parent, but if no PARENT CALL has been received by 3:00PM the day following the absence, the student will be charged with an unexcused absence.

Early Dismissals

If your child needs to leave school early during the school day you can email us at

msattendance@avon-schools.org with the students name, date and time picking up, and the name of the person picking your child up. This email will go directly to the front office secretaries and they will be able to get your child an early dismissal pass so that they can be in the front office when you are ready to pick them up.

Using this email will ensure your child will get a pass out of class to be in the office. Please do not use Parent Square to send a message to your child's teachers as we cannot guarantee that this message will get to the front office to get your child a pass. Our teachers are very busy throughout the day and may not be able to check Parent Square often, or if the teacher is out that day we would not get that message in the front office in time to get your child an early dismissal pass.

We want to make sure that your information is getting to the right person in a timely manner, and hopefully prevent any miscommunication or missed messages.

Prearranged Absence

It is our belief that students can best achieve academic success by being in school every day. We also understand that a student may occasionally have an opportunity to experience extraordinary opportunities that may result in a missed day of school. The principal or designee may grant a pre-arranged absence if the absence provides an extraordinary opportunity for the student and/or family. The request must be submitted at least five school days in advance of the requested absence. The student will be required to complete all missed work upon his/her return to school.

No more than three days of pre-arranged absences will be approved each year.

Pre-arranged absences will not be granted during the following circumstances:

  • NWEA and ISTEP+ testing
  • End of Quarter Assessments
  • Last three days of a semester
  • When the requested absence would push the student’s attendance record into excessive absence status or if the student has surpassed the allowable number of absences.

You can either print this form out and complete the information requested and send into school with your child to bring to the front office, or you can fill it out and email it to our attendance email address at msattendance@avon-schools.org

Prearranged Absence Form

Click above to take you to the Prearranged Absence Form on our webpage

Did You Know?

Community Flyers

Did you know that ACSC has a designated page where you can find flyers featuring important information in Hendricks County? Sections include Community Events, Arts, Athletics and Educational. New flyers are added to this page regularly, so be sure to visit often!

Community Flyers

Click the link above to take you to the Community Flyers webpage

Superintendent's Message

Dr. Wyndham has posted the Superintendent’s Message on the main page of the ACSC website. Just click the tab to read it and be sure to check back periodically for updated messages.

Message from Dr. Wyndham

Click the link above to take you to Dr. Wyndham's message