Russia and the Western Republics

A Diverse Heritage

A History of Expansion

Russia's growth had lasting effects on people but its expansion didn't only effect its neighbors, it also had a great impact on the whole worlds political geography.

Birth of an Empire

The Russian State started in the region between black and baltic seas. In the ninth century, Vikings from Scandinavia came to the region to take advantage of river trade between the two seas. They established a settlement near what is now Kiev. The vikings in time adopted the customs of the local slavic population. The settlement soon began to expand.

The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union

During World War One the Russian peoples anger exploded into revolt. in 1917, the Russian Revolution occurred, ending the rule of the czars.

By 1922, the communist party had organized the different peoples absorbed during centuries of Russia's imperial expansion. This new nation was called the Union of Soviet Socialist republics or USSR for short.

A Harsh Reality

The soviet leaders adopted a command economy which is where the central government makes all important economic decisions. The government took control of the major sources of wealth, including mines, land, factories, banks, and transportation systems. The soviet government created enormous collective farms where large teams of laborers were gathered to work together.

Important People

Some important people are, Peter the Great, Czar Alexander the 2nd and current president Vladimir Putin.