Mp3 Player

Sabrina Aslam

Background Info

The portable MP3 player was invented in 1997 by Karlheinz Brandenburg and his team of engineers. Microsoft incorporated MP3 support into Windows Media Player and released in 1998.

Public Reaction

The Mp3 did not gain popularity until Windows Media Player began to use it. This is because Mp3 players were very expensive and could only hold 11 minutes of music. However, after years of development, the technology improved and it was available to the public with more music capacity, making the iPod an instant hit.

Impact on the Music Industry

Mobile music was a revolutionary aspect of the music industry. Most people today listen to music on their mobile phones that are also Mp3 players. Artists are compensated well from iTunes and make more money now that more people listen to their music. However, downloading music illegally has become a problem for compensating artists.