All About Isaac Maya

All About Me

10 things about me

  1. i'm from Memphis ,Tennessee
  2. i like to draw a lot
  3. my religion is catholic and i'm currently taking classes for it.
  4. in the more future i would like to be a computer specialist.
  5. i like to play video games, like fps games.
  6. i like all comedy movies
  7. favorite drink is water
  8. i have 3 brothers
  9. i don't like coffee
  10. i like dank memes

embarrassing story

When i was 8 i used to steal a lot and get away with but one day i went to Walmart with my mom and i stole some Pokemon cards and as i was heading for the exit my mom stopped me and said she saw me steal the cards and she told me to go back inside and apologize and give the cards back so i did and walked the walk of shame.

All About Me

All About Me

3 questions you get asked often

  1. Is your name jose
  2. Do you play football
  3. got games on your phone