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all about canada

where do people live in canada and why

Canada is fairly cold, so most of the population lives in the southern part of the country. Less than 100,000 people live in Yukon/Northwest Territories/Nunavut. The majority of the population (about 33 million) lives either in Ontario, Quebec or British Columbia. they also live in the south for trade with the U.S. also British Columbia has the most biomass energy so more people want to live there.
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enviromental issues about canada.

acid rain effects the great lake by raising the acidity so nothing can grow. over extraction of the Canadian shield makes the land around it useless. logging affects the environment by Carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming also Removing trees impacts a lot of animals. animals require trees as a source of food and a source of housing.
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the canadian government

the head of the gov't is the prime minister in Canada. Canada is a parliamentary democracy. its system of government holds that the law is the main authority. Canada's government is the government of great britan
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