Renewed Works Progress Agency

By:Colin Otubanjo,Izzy LIlavois,Kyle Lusher,Kyle Marsh

The Old WPA

For Our program we will improve on the Original Works Progress Administration.It was the most famous of Roosevelt New Deal Programs,and it employed 8.5 million people,and it paid them an average salary of $41.57 a month.It mostly employed unskilled men to do jobs like construction of public rods,bridges,parks,and airports.Some of the problems that the WPA had was that it paid low wages,and it did not employ everyone,and for the people it couldn't help were sent to state relief programs were they were paid $10 a week.

Our program will fix and improve from where the WPA left off.

Improved WPA

Our program will help the unemployed people who are looking for jobs so that they stay out of poverty.The Federal Government will improve the WPA by having more jobs for woman like Teaching, Nurses, Veterinarians,and Lawyers.It will also add more technical jobs to fit our time like Engineering,Technician,programmer,and Computer Operator,and jobs for people who want to start their own businesses,and be Independent.Jobs like shop owner,and maybe starting their own Company.
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This Program will be all over the U.S. in every single state so that its fair to everyone and that its really able to make a difference,on Jobs problem in the U.S.Our program will need to be in effect for at least 3-4 years in order to really be successful and to be able to help the general public,and boost itself up,into a working program.New workers wages will range between $110-$120,and more professional jobs will range between $150-$165.

The program will also pay workers with families an extra $20 a week.Our program,unlike the original WPA will send only a small percent of people to state relief programs,it will pay the rest $50-$60 a month while they go to counseling to help them find jobs.

Why This Program Is Necessary

This Program is necessary for the federal government to do for it's citizens because unemployment is a serious domestic issue that is all over the U.S,and it's the federal government duty to help it's citizens with this or it won't be fulfilling the duty that it's tasked with.
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