New Weapons Made By Walt Disney!

Blaze Blasters, Poisonous Paint Balls, And Gooey-Rope!

Ever Since Walt Disney Joined The Army, He Has Created Quite A Few Inventions.

Blaze Blasters And Poisonous Paint Balls;

These "blasters" are like cannons, except they fire boiling paint of different colors, and there are lots of heads to the "blasters".Commoners think this is useful because they can use camouflage paint, and fire tons of it at the enemy army without them knowing what is happening. Poisonous Paint Balls, as you can probably tell from the title are poisoned colored paint balls, that we can throw at other people, and their skin will immediately absorb the poison, killing them almost instantly. You must where special gloves while throwing these paint balls. If that wasn't enough, you can put the paint balls in the "Blaze Blasters", for a mix if hot, and poison.


This "rope" is believed to "cement" other people together. For example; if I threw some, and it hit someone else in the arm, it would cement their arm to either their body, or the closest structure to them. We believe Walt will put some of it in a "Blaze Blaster", and the "rope" will bind the enemy army together, while overheating their body.