Annie the Texas Ranch Dog

Written by Patty Shafer

Annie the Texas Ranch Dog Book Trailer

A New Life in Utopia

A young hog hunting dog finds herself lost and alone after being abandoned by her cruel owners. They also cause the death of her litter mate, who is her best friend. She wanders for days, hungry and scared, before happening upon a ranch where Texas State Park Ranger Jake Pickett and his wife are building a log cabin near the small town of Utopia, Texas. With trepidation, this part pit bull dog struggles to overcome her past tragedies and learn to trust enough to become a member of their family.

Injured Hero

When Annie accompanies Park Ranger Jake Pickett to Bastrop State Park to help in fighting the Texas wildfires, disaster turns Annie into an injured hero. As she is honored by her Utopia fans for her heroism, her family learns that Annie is facing a life-threatening illness. Supported by family and friends, Annie faces the toughest challenge of her life.

Danger at Lost Maples

Annie joins the search as Texas Park Ranger Jake Pickett races the clock to fin a lost child in Lost Maples State Park. Skills acquired during her hog hunting days are crucial to protecting the child, who is helpless against a dangerous wild animal. When another disaster strikes that threatens the very essence of Lost Maples Park, Annie assists Jake as he investigates the cause and searches for a solution.

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