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Reasons to go to Taiwan

Taiwan's western coastline is made up of towns and cities, but the center of the island features beautiful mountains you can climb for breathtaking views. Hehuan Mountain and Ali Mountain are two top-rated scenic spots on TripAdvisor.

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Literacy Rate-95.55 GDP per Capita-31,900 Population-23,46 million , Imports- Silk Flowers, Plants and Crafts , Exports-Meat, Wood, and Nickel


Holidays- New Years Eve, Chinese New Year, Traditions-Taiwan Lantern Festival, Food- Beef noodle soup, Religions- Buddhism, Language- Standard Mandarin, School-6 years of elementary 3 years of junior high and 3 years of high school, Sports- Basketball, Baseball and Softball

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Taiwan's National Park its is a great place to visit and for kids to play. Taiwan boasts some of the most beautiful scenery we have seen in all of Australasia. Taiwan's trails are accessible, easy day hikes abound families.

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Taiwan's Hot Spring is awesome to go swimming or relax after a rough day