Collection Evaluation & Weeding

Erin King FRIT 7332

Europe & The 940s

After speaking with my media specialist at West Jackson Middle School, he suggested I choose a topic in the 900s because that section had not been weeded since he had been at the school. I chose to focus on the topic of Europe and the 940s section because there are multiple standards on the 6th grade level this section would relate to. The standard below was selected because it includes more than one specific area of focus while learning about Europe.


SS6G10 The student will explain the impact of location, climate, natural resources, and population distribution on Europe.

Europe and its countries have seen lots of changes over the last two decades and its important to make sure our collection is accurate and up to date.

By The Numbers

West Jackson Middle School's non-fiction section is a complete mess. The shelves are stuffed full and in desperate need of weeding. WJMS began using Follett's Destiny program in either 2000 or 2001. Therefore, the total circulation numbers will be either 15 or 16 years total. This was helpful information when I looked at the circulation numbers to know how many years some of these titles have been sitting on the shelf untouched.

The 940s section alone takes up four and half shelves and has 194 titles. Here is the breakdown:

Copy Count: 194

Total Circulation: 1,956 or .68%

Circulation This Year: 21 or .35%

Average Age of Collection: 1997

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As you can see from the graphs, the majority of the 940s is made up of books about the history of Europe. This is also the section with the highest circulation numbers. Since the 6th grade standards include more areas about Europe, I would suggest the media specialist work with the social studies teachers to make sure the collection adequately covers the standards. With the implementation of the Common Core Standards, our collection may have multiple gaps and holes in topics students need. Since we do not have any online subscriptions or databases access, our collection needs to be in top shape.

Total Circulation Data since 2000/2001

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Items To Weed

Since the whole non-fiction section has not be weeded in more than 10 years, I'm anticipating having good sized list of items to weed.

In order to assess the collection, I'm going to look at three things:

1. The copyright date (since history keeps changing, we need up to date info)

2. Circulation Information

3. The M.U.S.T.Y. acronym from Melissa Allen's "Weed 'Em and Reap: The Art of Weeding to Avoid Criticism"

Here is my list of recommended items to weed:

The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (2008) Lost

Peoples and Nations of Europe: A Short History (1988) Circulation

The Knights (1979) Damaged

The Middle Ages (1988) Newer Book available

Struggle For Power: A Pictorial History (1972) Age

World War I, 1914-18 (2008) Damaged - needs replacing

The Battle of Guadalcanal (2007) Damaged - needs replacing

The Upstairs Room (1972) Age/Circulation

The Attack on Pearl Harbor (??) Lost

Battle of Britain (1981) Age/Circulation

The Battle of Britain (1984) Lost

World War II: The War In the Pacific (1991) Lost

The Desert Rats (1973) Age/Circulation

A Child In Prison Camp (1971) Age/Circulation

Pearl Harbor (1981) Age/Circulation

Northern Ireland (1987) Age/Condition

The Irish Question (1987) Damaged

The Golden Century: England Under the Tudors (1972) Age/Circulation

The Thames (1980) Age/Circulation

England (1980) Newer Version

The Rhine (1979) Age/Circulation

Suleiman the Elephant: A Picture Book (1986) Circulation

The Hungarian Uprising (1987) Lost

The Seine (1981) Age/Circulation

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity; The Story of the French (1965) Age

The Battle of Waterloo (1967) Age

Everyday Life of the Etruscans (1987) Circulation

Stitching Starts: The Story Quilts of Harriet Powers (1993) Circulation

The Volga (1980) Circulation

The Cold War (2003) Lost

You Wouldn’t Want To Be A Viking Explorer (2000) Lost

A Viking Sailor (1987) Lost

Sweden (1985) Age/Circulation/Newer Version

The Land and People of Mongolia (1990) Circulation

Belgium (1988) Damaged

Luxembourg (1989) Age/Circulation

The Danube (1979) Age/Damaged/Circulation

Romania (1988) Age/Circulation

There are also several other aging titles that I would like to add to the list, but feel the need to work with the social studies teachers prior to moving forward with another round of weeding.

Disposal Plan

WJMS does not have a weeding or disposal plan. When asked, the media specialist responded with "the trash can" for how to dispose of weeded book.

However, in order to "trash" books, we need to scrape off the barcode from the front of the book and if possible, the spine label. We also would take a sharpie to the "West Jackson Middle School" stamp that should be found on one of the beginning pages and other locations if necessary. This will ensure the books stay off the shelves of the media center if one winds up finding its way back.

Once books have been de-processed, I would recommend placing them on a table in our faculty work room to give teachers first dibs if they want any of the discarded materials.

Another suggestion for some of the books with pictures would be to see if our Severe & Profound SPED students would benefit from being able to cut out pictures or use pages for a word hunt. If books are unusable by those students, then I would offer them to the Art teacher if she had any projects to use them for. If she also deems them as unusable, then the trash can they go.