BUE Faculty/Staff Weekly Newsletter

September 19, 2016

Lock Down Drill - 9/20/16

We will be having a Lock Down Drill! Damond will be here.

WHEN: 1:00 P.M.

1. We will actually use one of our Panic Buttons.

2. We will announce on the intercom after we press the button "LOCKS, LIGHTS, OUT OF SIGHT"

3. Someone in the office will call the Admin Offices

4. Teachers will:

- immediately clear hallways of any kids

- lock their door

- get kids out of sight

- not let anyone in for any reason, if we want in we will use our key

- be ready to do roll and report any extra or missing kids.

5. Clark, Scott, Frees, and Maxey will clear each hallway, knock on doors, try to trick you to let us in. (hint - do not open the door!)

6. Principal Clark or Frees will use the intercom to announce "All Clear" Listen to the instructions (which will be - do not release kids from lockdown until a member of the Lockdown team physically comes to your room and releases you)

7. A member of the Lockdown Team will open your door with a key and will give you verbal instructions on what to do next.

Possible Lockdown team members: Rhonda, Damond, Clark, Frees, Scott, Graciela, Alberto, Cory, Jake, Gary, Brian


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Keep the main thing, the main thing

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September 30, 2016 at 2:00 pm in the Gym sitting in our Cardinal Nest (horseshoe). Flag materials will be delivered to your classroom by Thursday morning. Please see the attached lesson plan so you are ready and rock and roll with your CREW on Friday Afternoon.
Crew Falg and Identity Lesson Plan

Please reference this link ASAP to prepare for the upcoming All School Crew.

SST Agenda 9/19/2106

See what we discussed, more info on the all school crew, lyrics to cardinal song, and more!


1. Flyers will be in your mailbox tomorrow by lunch and need to go home in Tuesday Folders

2. Game Night is from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. on Friday. Feel free to bring your family to this event and enjoy dinner with our community.

3. Please bring any Board Games you would like to play and/or participate with the rest of our community.

4. Your presence is needed and if you absolutely cannot make it, please see Amber or a member of the SST.

5. Please start talking this up with your kids in terms of fun, excitement, etc.

6. The crew with the highest attendance will receive a CREW Medal to be pinned to their flag at the next all school crew on September 30th! Please let your CREW know this is a competition. We will have sign up sheets per homeroom in the lobby as students and family enter our building.

Open House Flyer

Click on me to see the Open House Flyer!

A Day in your class

Clark and Frees will be spending time in everyone's class. We are calling it A Day in Your Class. In reality, it will be rare when we can spend the entire day with you. However, we would will spend as much of the day as possible with you and your students. The purposes of this time in your class are many. It is a chance to get to know you as a teacher, your students as learners, and the transitions within your schedule. This is a time to build relationships. reflect on best practices and learn. As we cross into December you may notice on some days we will be in 2 different classes. Kim and I will spend time with with both classes on those days.

This will count towards a formal observation in terms of our evaluation cycle for the year.

Upcoming Observations:

9/20: Maxwell

9/21: Kelley

9/22: Manzanares

9/23: Sullivan

9/27: Wood

9/28: Darr

9/29: Fox

10/5: Ross

10/6: Strong

10/7: Parker

10/12: Livingston

10/13: Hanners

10/14: Mr. Brice

10/18: Campbell

10/19: Humphrey

10/21: Schuckers

10/25: Kinsey

10/26: Knox

10/27: Hartman

10/28: Barnes

11/1: Johnson

11/2: Callister

11/3: Young

11/4: McMillan

DRAFT Observation Form

This form may be edited and will be modified for specials teachers and for specialized service providers.

Induction Sheet

There were some questions circling about Building Level Induction. Please take a moment to look at this DRAFT induction process that is specific to BUE. There will likely be some changes to it, but it will help you visualize important discuss topics and areas of focus.

Non-Negotiables at BUE

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Colorado's Evaluation System

Deadline for Self-Assessment: September 23, 2016 - THIS FRIDAY :)

Dear Staff,

Many of you have participated in the RANDA system for teacher evaluation. New Teachers have not. It is my understanding all new teachers received training in RANDA at new teacher induction in August from our Asst. Sup Mr. Ray.

Before completing your Self Assessment you must first click on the Training/Orientation and follow the prompts.

All certified staff (teachers, specialists, Great Scott, Clark, Frees, interventionists, etc) are required to do a Self-Assessment on or before Sept 23, 2016. If you do not know how to use RANDA, or need a refresher, please let A. Clark know soon.

Username: Your Garfield 16 email

Password: if you do not know your password, click on I forgot my password and it will send you an email to reset.

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September at a glance

Please make sure to check out Jeanne's Google Calendar to stay abreast of all events as the calendar changes daily!

Tuesday - September 20:

A Day in Maxwell's Class (Clark/Frees)

12:30 p.m. Great Scott, Clark, and Frees Weekly meeting

4:00 p.m .Outdoor Classroom Meeting with 2/3

Wednesday - September 21:

A Day in Kelley's Class

12:35 p.m. SST Co-Planning

Thursday - September 22:

A Day in Manzaneres' Class

7:30 a.m. District Leadership Team Meeting (Clark, Frees)

9:00 a.m. Learning Leaders Teams (Clark, Frees)

Friday - September 23:

A day in Sullivan's Class (Frees)

RANDA Self Assessment Due


Monday - September 26

No Work

9:30 CPI Training for all staff that work with potentially physical students

Tuesday - September 27:

A Day in Wood's Class (Clark/Frees)

Homecoming Week

12:30 p.m. Great Scott, Clark, and Frees Weekly meeting

Wednesday - September 28:

A Day in Darr's Class (Clark/Frees)

Homecoming Week

12:35 p.m. SST Co-Planning

Thursday - September 29:

A Day in Fox's Class (Clark/Frees)

Homecoming Week

May the Force be With you Expedition Science night

Friday - September 30:

CAESP Board Meeting - Clark in Denver