Martin Luther King Jr.

Why peace is better than violence

Who had the greatest impact?

Simply, Martin Luther King jr's philosophy of peace had a greater impact on the civil rights movement than Malcom x's philosophy of violence.

What Did He Believe in?

Marin Luther King believed in peace rather than violence.He believed that love would melt the hearts of the challenging oppressor and that peaceful negotiation would make the largest effect. He believed that violence would just stir up more anger and would cause bigger problems in their fight for freedom.

Marches that led to a sucess

Why I Think MLK's Philosephy Was A Sucess

What I Think

I think that Martin Luther Kings philosophy worked best because the peace and love that he held in his heart struck the nation and by that he got many people including the President of the United States to help him and his peaple to obtain equal rights.I also think that Malcom X's theory of violence just created worse matters like the bombing of 16th street baptist church.