It's a great workout for your brain.

Here's proof that books are a healthy treat for your brain.

  • Fourth grade students who read for fun every day score better on reading assessment tests. The three-quarters of students who said they read for fun on their own one day a week or more reached the high end of the Basic level (scores from 208-237 on the NAEP reading assessment test) when the 14% of students who never or don’t really read for fun reached below the Basic level (scores below 208 on the test).

  • In a study with 17,000 members, 6,000 took different types of cognitive tests at the age of 16. The study compared children from the same social backgrounds who completed similar tested abilities at the ages of five and 10, and realized that the kids who usually read books at the age of 10 and more than just once a week when they were 16, had better results than those who read less.

  • Researchers also discovered that reading for pleasure is connected to greater intellectual progress, in spelling, vocabulary, and mathematics.

  • When you read, you’re getting a better understanding of different vocab words, which can come in handy in your writing.

If you still don't believe....

Anne E. Cunningham, a graduate from UC Berekly, found that reading results in higher itelligence and GPA. In her research paper, What Reading Does for the Mind, she states that reading overall makes you a smarter person and keeps you sharp throughout time. If you're also having a crazy day, pick up a book and read, as it's proven that it can reduce stress.