Sales Associate

Westcoast Direct Solutions in Toronto, ON

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Area of Marketing

Sales, Marketing Labour & Marketing


As Westcoast Direct Solutions expands into more locations, they are in need of more sales associates. The job of being a sales associate requires to be responsible for all sales activities. The main object is to achieve sales goals and meet client expectations. Westcoast Direct Solutions works with clients from leading industries across Canada with a strong focus in the promotional marketing/event industry.

Job Requirements

  • A degree in Sales Management and/or PR

  • No experience required but must be willing to learn
  • Above average customer service/people skills
  • Exceptional communication skills verbally & written
  • Ability to work in a team environment

With the following attributes:

  • Positive attitude
  • Career minded
  • Competitive
  • Leadership
  • Dependable
  • Social Oriented
  • Cooperative

Looking for graduates from:

Sales Management:

· Queen’s University;

· Schulich;

· Ryerson University;

· Centennial College


· Wilfrid Laurier University;

· University of Ottawa;

· Ryerson University;

· University of Toronto

Marketing Skills

  • Entry Level Management;
  • Promotional Sales;
  • Event Marketing;
  • Public Relations;
  • Advertising;
  • Campaign Management

Why This Job is Perfect for YOU

I believe this job as a Sales Associate at Westcoast Direct Solutions is perfect for me because it requires certain expectations in which I am perfect for. This job requires someone to have communication skills with people who are unfamiliar, being have to work in groups. I certainly have tremendous communication skills with peers and unfamiliar people as I am always a nice and positive person towards anyone in groups or individually. Having a competitive but leadership mindset also a requirement, this is perfect because I tend to become the leader in a group environment and I take everything competitively when it comes to battling with others such as sports, video games or even marks. I am also a dependable person, in other words if an individual wanted me to do something I would focus my mind on that given task and conquer it before working on anything else however I can manage my time effectively making me multitask.